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SSD+*nix = ASUS 901, without a doubt. If you're comfortable with *nix, you can't beat their Debian/Xandros underpinnings, and if you don't like that, you can wait a bit for Ubuntu. Atom processor support is growing fast.

HP has a decent one in the XP Home class, Lenovo's "me to" is underwhelming. Avoid the Acer.

I have the asus eee 900... i got it with 16gb ssd and xp. As soon as I got it home, i put ubuntu on it (you can get a eee version of it at http://www.ubuntu-eee.com/ with everything needed for the eee (not their new version - too flashy, but the last one). Very simple install. But if your a true geek, then get ubuntu fresh from and do an install and follow the hacks on the web to get it working good.

Ohhh, and get a big sd card too... got a 32gb to keep some music, movies, and back up the 16 ssd. Also got an additional battery for the eee out of some asian country... something like 4 times the working time (but at 6 times the size).

With that combo, i'm good for any flight i'll take. Its my personal laptop when i take my massive 14lb one from work. Joys of being a geek.
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