Howdy Folks,
First time poster here!
I want to start by saying that I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I have really picked up a lot of great information here; and I thoroughly enjoy ETS and the ETS forums. So, a big THANKS to all the "regular" posters that I see on the forum.

Now, on to my reason for posting today.
I have been considering the purchase of a quality semi-auto .308 rifle. From all that I read, the H&K 91 seems to be a legendary rifle for quality and reliability. The H&K 91 is no longer available (new); but I see that JLD Enterprises currently makes a "clone" of that rifle... the PTR-91.
I was curious if anyone here on ETS has had any personal experience with the PTR-91?
Or, (if this is not opening up too big of a can of worms) I would appreciate recommendations and opinions of other semi-auto .308 rifles.