My thoughts on knives for Boy Scouts:
-They will get lost
-The knife needs to be low cost
-Scouts will accidentally fold them
-The knife blade needs to lock
-Scouts patrol gear includes can openers
-The knife doesn't need a can opener on their knife
-Scouts don't need a screwdriver while camping
-The knife doesn't need to have a screwdriver
-Scouts use saws to cut branches too large to break by hand
-Small knife-sized saws aren't much value

My advice is for parents to find a very low-cost simple locking blade knife. So far my son has almost lost both his basic knife and his Leatherman. I found them both times.

Since then, all of his knives have paracord lanyards attached. They are looped to a belt loop on one end and fastened to the knife's lanyard hole on the other (the LM's not well suited to the lanyard), and the cord is sized so if it drops it won't hit the ground. He just clips the knife inside his pocket and stuffs the lanyard into the same pocket.

The lanyard also helps prevent "borrowing" which in my view is the largest destroyer of knives out there. Nothing can be trashed as easily as someone else's knife.

My own choice - what I bought for my son & daughter - is the Kabar Dozier Folding Spear for about $20 online. Just about the best knife I've found for the money.

Did I mention that most Scout knives are lost amazingly quickly?