First of all, I got the OK from Doug to conduct a drawing for a lucky ETS member to get a box of goodies from the Aloha State.

I like this forum and the great folks that I have had the pleasure and privilege to interact with. Also, I like and appreciate the information from the forum. So hopefully this is how I can make a larger impact than just making a donation to the ETS Foundation.

My intent is to donate a box of goodies from Hawaii to the winner of a drawing to run from now until Thanksgiving 2008. The box would include stuff like chocolate macadamia nuts, other local yummies, maybe some Hawaiian salt, some hau wood that I have already seasoned that works great for friction fire, that kind of stuff.

To enter, members need to make a donation (you determine what you want to give but I hope it's at least $5-10 or more!) to the ETS Foundation and post a reply in this thread letting me know you did so. Scouts' honor here. You can go to the ETS home page and Just Give. According to Doug, you can indicate "Aloha" when you give via the donation link and on your checks as well, for him to keep track of things. I will update a post from time to time with a numbered list of donors/entrants and after Thanksgiving, I will generate a number from utilizing the total number of donor/entrants and that numbered person will win. I will post the winner and get mailing information to send the prize. While I am not sure what will exactly be in the prize, it will likely be valued at $50 or more.

The prize is not the main factor here, the real point is to generate some additional payola to the ETS Foundation to support Doug and his good work and the forum that I for one enjoy. Plus, I have found the folks here to be pretty darn fantastic too.

As an added incentive, if we get at least 100 entrants, I will send a box to Doug too. [Note: Doug has graciously asked me to give his box o' goodies to Chris K. instead] Oooh, if anyone donates $50 or more, you get two (2) entries and any donations over $100, you get five (5) entries. For anyone with multiple entires, you get to choose you numbers, everyone else will be just in the order of your posts to let me know you gave.

If you get stuff that you can use in a survival situation (very likely), please do a review with pictures.

Good luck to all!


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