The first thing to do is ditch the scrubs. Soon as you are recognized as medical personnel, you would be put in a place that probably not where you want to be. The next thing I could think of would be to have a stash of cash sewn into the belt pack. Have a map of routes that could be utilized to get (eventually) where you do want to be. This would include alternate routes, bus times, subway times, dangerous areas, etc... I would also think that you would want to make practice runs of each route as well. If you are driving, get one of those foldable bikes that can be stashed in your car should traffic come to a standstill in the evac. I dont know if this is possible or feasable but if there was a place you could stash a small bug-out bag in the hospital (locker, locked trunk in the boiler room, whatever) so you could have a more then better chance of a successful evac from your work. Have one in your car as well. One is good but if tshtf, and you could not get to it have a back up close at hand. Take them both if possible. Just my opinion...
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