Hey Doug,

I also like reading many of the older outdoor books, without the high-tech influence found in writing today. I heard about "On Your Own In THe Wilderness" from somewhere on the web (maybe from you) and ended up importing my used copy from California.

I think it was Bradford Angler's book, "The Art and Science of Taking To The Woods" that sparked my early interest in camping/hiking and my first survival kit was built around a copy of his "How to Stay Alive in the Woods".

After reading 98.6* and short passages of The Complete Walker (Thanks Schwert), I figured Cody Lundin and Colin Fletcher would have greatly different writing styles? But time will tell as both are on my reading list, with over a 1000 pages between them I should be done by next spring.

Addition: Yes Doug, I too would have enjoyed meeting/learning from, the great outdoor writers/adventurers of the past.


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