"On Your Own in the Wilderness" by Townsend Whelen/Bradford Angier"

Hey, that's a favourite in my library! Not a common item these days.

No matter how clever you are, how sweet the hardware you can buy and carry, there's no substitute for the experience of someone who's gone out there and done it.

Opposite styles? Whelen/Angier and Fletcher? I bet if you set these gents down, who have spend the prerequisite hundeds/thousands of solo hours in the bush, and are military men to boot, with a bottle of 12-year-old MacAllan, they would be on the same page, in every practical matter, from start to finish. And you'd be priviledged to be a witness.

Geez, where do I sign up for that? There are precious few heroes these days.

Betcha Cody L. would be proud to be bartender at such a meet.