Looks like a good carry-kit for your bicycle commuting.

Regarding extra spokes, spoke wrench or knowing how to tighten spokes/true wheels: you might find it worthwhile to carry one (or two) FiberFix replacement spokes because it can be a handy way to do a quick on-the-road repair that will get you home or to a bike shop.

You can see how it works at:


You can find them online or at many local bike shops.

Also, I agree a dollar bill can work well as a temporary tire "boot" if you get a gash in a tire. (You put the bill in-between the inner tube and the hole in the tire.)

But you might find that an old Tyvek mailing envelope works very well, weights little, folds small, and is free if you look around or re-use an old one.

I find a cloth cycling cap folds small but comes in handy not only in sunny conditions but especially in mist or rain because it helps keep my glasses a little clearer of water drops.

Lastly, it's cheap and easy to add a few strips of reflective tape to your bike's crank arms, fenders, chain stays, etc. (Every thing that makes you more visible if you get caught in darkening conditions is a good thing, I think.)