Bicycles have come up a few times on the forum lately and having just bought a new bike myself for commuting, I figured I'd start a new thread.

I used to commute by bike and now that I am again (starting tomorrow) I'm packing my bag. My commute isn't very far compared to what I was doing last winter but as I'll be in the River Valley quite a bit and will be riding there for fun too, I'm treating preparedness like a day hike only with extra stuff that's cycling specific.

Question to the cyclists here on the site. What do you differently when riding? Most people I see out on the streets and paths seem to be less prepared than the people going by foot.

Here's what I'm carrying that would be over and above just because I'm cycling:

  • Switching from shoulder bag to backpack. I'd use a courier bag if I owned on but my MEC Deluxe Book Bag is a great bag for this task.
  • Tool Kit
    • 10mm/12mm combo wrench
    • 6" crescent wrench
    • Patch Kit
    • CO2 filler (1 cartridge good to fill 2 20" tires to 30psi)
    • Schrader valve adapter
    • Micro Pump (for top ups and backup to CO2)
    • Chain Tool
    • 2x Tire Levers
    • Tire Pressure Gauge
    • Princeton Tech Scout Headlight
    • Mechanix Gloves
    • Nitrile Gloves (great for dirty chain work)
    • All other needed tools are covered by EDC Leatherman Charge TTi + Bit pack
  • Spare Parts
    • Extra Tube
    • Folding 20" BMX Street tire
    • 2 spare stem valves
    • 2 spare valve stem caps
  • First Aid Kit
    • AMK UltraLight .5 (modified for road rash with below)
    • burn gel
    • surgical scrub brush
    • Tweezers
    • 2x triangle banage
    • Roll of gauze
    • Nitrile Gloves
  • LED Head Lamp (modified to fit over helmet)
  • Red LED flasher
  • Change of clothes (either work clothes or just a change in case off unexpected wetness)
  • Bus Money (if it breaks and I can't fix it, I'm NOT walking it home smile )