Are you intentionally trying to slander Chris Reeve and his work?
Yes I am! I am the productmanager for a big European knifemanufacturer and this guy, Chris Reeve, is going down right now! Ah, come on!!!
I 'm just a guy who is interested in survival and survival related stuff eg knives, shelter... For more than 30 years I have been practicing and reading about survival. Why should I be trying to slander anyone? It just strikes me that one of the best know and most reputable manufacturers comes out very poorly in these tests. I just am very surprised as I have said before. CR knives are marketed as military knives, just have a look at the website! I would be a lot less surprised if would break a fine hunting or bushcraft knife, let's say Bark River or Karesuando etc. Why two posts about Chris Reeve? Well if they managed to break one so early it could have been bad luck, but two knives from the same manufacturer? Cold Steel has even stronger marketing with DVD's like "Solid Proof" and "Sword Proof" and it would have been equaly remarkable if those knives had consistently performed badly.
And again: I do know about caring for your knife, choosing the right knife for the job... And I also like and use the smaller, more vulnerable knives with the same enthousiasm. I just think the results from can not be dimissed just like that!
Please don't judge someone on the amount of posts! I have been an avid reader and just sometimes poster because of my profession. I just don't have the time to post much. But if you do want to play: I registered almost a year earlier than yourself and at that time had been reading "Equipped" for years.