I'm not that stubborn not to admit that all the arguments for treating a knive decent and appropriate are very valid. While there is no clear distinction between a hunting and a survival knife the use of it makes the destinction. I see a hunting scenario as a situation where you decide to go out in the woods for a limited time and carry the things you think you will need. A survival situation is sudden and you just don't know what you are going to encounter and so it is almost impossible to plan perfectly. You might not have everything you need with you. So a hunting knife is used for specific tasks and a survival knife for as much tasks as possible. You can not deny that the Project I is very different from a knife for example from Bark River or so. So I do expect a survival knife to be able to be treated not that carefully. About the GI Tanto: I got interested after seeing the test and I wanted to feel it myself. I do admit the Tanto point is far from perfect for a survival scenerio but so is a military oriented knive that breaks on metal to metal contact.