With the rash of posts lately, I was motivated to clean out my BOB. I've moved it from a large ALICE pac to this, from CTD:

It's a tight squeeze, but so far it's ridden more comfortably than the ALICE.

Wondering if I'm missing anything. For the sake of bandwith, I'll just do a list. Also, there's a few things (like MREs, crowbar, candles) that are house/bug-in supplies not listed. This is to be used as a 72-hr BOB. If I'm walking, I figure I'll travel about 30 miles, maximum, with it on. If I need to go farther, it'll be tossed in my car, and I'll walk when I run out of gas!

Outer pocket: 2 wool blankets (these take up a LOT of space)
2 backpacker Pantry dinners
2 Gatorade packets
3 Kool-Aid packets
1 roll of TP
Stack of coffee filters
Military poncho
4 40-gal plastic trash bags
100 ft of 550 cord
1 packet of moist towelettes
12 trioxane tabs
1 package of Esbit fuel tabs (12)
Pocket size SAS handbook

Large panel pocket:
Clothes packet: stocking cap, 2 pr socks, 1pr underwear, gloves
3 spoons/forks
4 zipties
1 SOG multiplier
1 Paraframe Gerber knife
1 small sharpening stone (from CountyComm)
1 pack: travel size mouthwash, lotion, shampo with 5 dental picks
2 1-gal ziploc bags
1 250ml Nalgene, with photocopy of ID's, 20 Micru-pur tabs

Outer panel packet
1 pr leather gloves
small hatchet

Bottom pocket
1 pack moist towlettes
1 roll TP (I might drop this 2nd roll)
5 books of paper matches
2 tinder-quick
1 firesteel
1 altoid of drier lint
5 9-hour candles
3 Cyalume light sticks
1 River rock LED lantern (AA batteries)_
10 AA batteries
Esbit Stove

Side pockets:
1 GI canteen in each

I want to add a GI cup to one of the canteens, but it wasn't in stock at the Army-navy store.

Thanks for suggestions!

Edit: After 2 replies, I forgot to say:
I did add a FAK, forgot to mention it. Realized I need a better form of shelter! (had a tarp, took it out, haven't replaced it). Also, maybe add a trowel or shovel? And a small box of .22 in case I take the 10/22 with me.

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