For my large BOB, I have what essentially amounts to the MOLLE II Core Rifleman Set. I put together for around $100.00- $125.00 (estimate). It's used gear, but with the exception of the initial coat of dirt in some cases and the lightening of age in others it's all in great shape. I don't have all of the magazine pouches, but I don't need them either.

I like it a lot, but truthfully it's overkill and has been pared down somewhat in some instances and added to in others. I dropped the MOLLE II vest for a low key hunting vest with multiple pockets, so I lost the magazine and grenade pouches as well. I don't need the Sleep Carrier because my MSS bag comes with it's own compression sack and MOLLE attachments. The buttpack stays rolled up in one of the Sustainment pouches. I'm going to replace the Day Pack with something a little more sporty and less cammie eventually.

On top of it all I attach my Eureka K2 XT... I wish I'd gotten the expedition yellow now instead of green... LOL

With it all on I look like an overloaded goof.

Really I don't like being all camoed up like that. Not being seen draws a lot of attention. LOL
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