I recently bought a GoLite Quest. I really like it.

It has a full internal frame, but it weighs only about 3.2 lbs, about a third of the Wiggy's pack. It doesn't have quite as many pockets as I like, but it fits well and is a pound lighter than my old pack. Light is good.

Fit, by the way, is a big issue. I'm a 6 footer. Most every thing I buy is size L or XL. I've been backpacking with a size L pack lo these many years. I went and got fitted. I'm a freakin' size M. Long legs, shorter torso. Switching to a size M pack made a huge difference in carrying comfort. Huge.

A budy of mine bought an Osprey recently. He really likes it, and it has the detachable daypack feature. Great for trips where you hike in to a "base camp" and then do peak bagging or side trips from your base camp.
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