I made up this kit simply because I have a lot of gear and wanted to see if I could make a complete PSK from the extras. I do take it in the car when I explore back roads, just in case I come across opportunities to hike.

Starting at the top, left to right.
- pouch: Warp Corp pack side pocket. It's about the size of a fanny pack, but has a great feature I'll discuss later
- bandanna
- 3" ace bandage, because I roll my ankles a lot while hiking
- 50' paracord
- 8-hour candle wrapped in foil
- bic lighter
- Sparklite kit
- rescue flash mirror
- Light My Fire SL3 knife: locking blade, whistle in handle, sparking rod insert
- toilet paper in ziploc with hand sanitizer
- waterproof paper, pencil, spare AAA, aluminum foil
- 16oz Sierra cup, steel
- Millenium food bar
- Silva compass
- Gerber task light (w/1 AAA battery)
- basic first aid kit (got cut off in picture)
- BestGlide basic emergency fishing kit
- Zippo tin w/duct tape, needle, pins, thread, buttons, safety pins, P38 can opener, glue stick
- Survival straw water filter
- 4x MP1 water purification tabs
- 4 each tea bags, sugar, salt packets, bouillon, wrapped in foil
- tweezers
- Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Pepto-Bismol
- 1L Platypus bottle, 2x 1qt. Ziplocs
- vinyl poncho
- 42 gal. heavy-duty trash bag
- Heat Sheet blanket

The best thing about this pouch is that it has a top panel that unzips and unfolds into a daypack.

I've stuffed a sweatshirt into it here, to give it some shape. All of the gear remains in the original pouch, which is now the bottom pocket.

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