Sorry, when i said a dual tank dive, i meant renting out two tanks, using one, come back swap out, then finish with the new tank. Very typical here of how to dive. Most places on island, its 1/4 mile or less (usually less) to the wall (goes from 40-60' to 4000'+). I love hanging around at the wall on the south part of the island, or go to a couple fav spots and hang out at swim throughs for as long as i can.

One dive here, if your nuts (i've tried it a few times), is to go up to the north wall, thats oppisite north south. This is where the sting rays come in to feed off the stuff that tourist gives them. Around 5am or so, its when the hammer heads come into the sound. I've never saw this happening, but apparently its a wicked dive. Just go over the wall, hover around 75', back a ways from one of the big cracks and just wait.

Right now, I'm not into the pony rigs, but was thinking of going that way in the very near future. I was thinking of going for my tech certs and interested in the deep stuff with the 4 tanks.

I hope I hit the deadlines too!
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