Several companies make this style weapon ...some with the ability to own multiple barrels for ONE action. Which in my book ...makes this kind of thing a "nice to have" in the arsenal. Don't know if Rossi offers interchangeable barrels. If so, I'd start with one and add others...given the attractive pricing.
I also think "spitting distance" is under-estimating the usefulness of the shotgun. I think out to a 100yds though is about as far as I'd want to go. A shotguns' shortcoming is really in that the ammo is bulkier and heavier than most rifles. Certainly you can carry more 7.62x39 or .223 ammo than 12 ga or 20 ga ammo for same weight and size. Of course ...if carrying a lot of ammo isn't a concern ...
But $129 for something that goes "bang" is tough to pass up.
I wouldn't ...personally...chose to have multiple single shot weapons ... but one with several barrels in different calibers I could see as useful.
There's no perfect weapon ...just degrees of compromise.