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On another thread, the consensus seemed to be that having a .22 and a shotgun would be the "ideal" survival combo to have.

The "consensus" is wrong. Which is not unusual.
A survival gun has to combine hitting power, accuracy and maximum practical ammunition capacity. Combining a .22 with a .410, 20 ga or 12 ga is a complete waste of time.
You are hunting for the pot. You make a kill or go hungry . That means that being "sporting" is a no-no. If something flies overhead you follow it, let it settle on a perch and then shoot it off it.


Same principal applies to rabbits, deer, snakes etc. Shotguns have a very limited effective range. Rule is: If you can spit at it use a shotgun. If you can't use a rifle.

Proper combi-rifle sets are:
.22 & .223,
.22 & .308,
.22 & 30.08.
Minimum of 100 round's of .22 and 20 - 30 round's of .223 etc.
I personally would go for .22.
I don't do dumb & helpless.