Before I start...

On another thread, the consensus seemed to be that having a .22 and a shotgun would be the "ideal" survival combo to have. i have both of these firearms, as well as 2 WW2 surplus rifles.

I just saw, at my local sporting good store, this rifle at $129. In short, it's single shot, break open rifle, available in 7.62x39, or .308, or .223.
For this price, I'd feel like an idiot to pass it up, even though I can't think of any practical purpose for it.

Pro's: cheap, the ammo can be cheap (depending what I get), light (at 6.2 lbs), break-open means easy to clean, few moving parts to clog.

Con's: don't need it (either hunting or survival situation), do I? A .223 is OK for a varmit round, or maybe hunting up to deer size. that being said, my Mauser or shotgun would do the same thing. The .22 I have could do all the small hunting work in a pinch (say, possum or smaller). And, being a single shot, it's slow to reload, making shot placement that much more important.

Feedback welcome... the sale is for a few more days still. And, if I decide to buy, which round? .223 is cheap, used by the US military, available in surplus, and "big enough for deer, small enough for rabbit." .308, I feel, would be redundancy with a Mauser, plus ammo is lots more expensive.

Thanks for the feedback.