Ok folks, I would like some feed back on my psk. I have built it to ride in my pack or in my cargo pocket should I need to ditch my pack. It is carried in a mil spec GP pouch (large) and is "molle" compatable so it can be attached to a belt as well.
1. 60' 550 cord mil spec
2. 10' flat roll duct tape
3. gerber led aa flashlight w/spare batt.
4. fishing/sewing kit in chapstick tube.
6 #12 hooks
4 #12 trebble hooks
8 split shots
1 standard sewing needle
1 canvas needle
35 yds 10lbs spiderwire tapped to outside
5. bic lighter (gagged)
6. milspec survival matches
7. heat sheet blanket (large)
8. REI survival whistle (cant remeber the name of it..triple something)
9. strike force ferro rod w/ 1 tinder
10. 55 gal industrial trash bag
11. Howard mil spec signal mirror
12.3 pre-made snares
13. first aid kit in altoids tin(sealed)
4 standard bandaids
3 knuckle bandaids
4 stero strips
2 small gauze pads
2 burn cream pkts
2 antibiotic pkts
2' flat roll med tape
1 squeeze tube of super glue
1 pr tweezers
4 advil
4 excedrin
2 imodium ad
2 vicodine
15. leatherman juice
16. 12"x24" foil
17 plastic bag(from shake-n-bake box) water procurement/storage
18 tinder kit
3 esbit tabs
10 quick tinders
1 small ferro rod

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"If it's not with you it cant save you"