The 40 acres is a remote section that is not attached to the main property and is several miles away 40+ from his home and 25 miles from the closest house that we know of or the closest town.
The truck died we managed to destroy the main bearings (found out after we took it apart) and was knocking to the point we didn't think it was worth trying.
As far as sleeping in the cab of the truck we had a pole barn with three sides and a roof and we made a temporary wall from the tarp in the truck. There was hay to use to sleep on and to cover ourselves on top of the blankets that were in the truck. We had the choice cramped truck kicking each other all nights or being comfortable on and in a pile of hay. And we were also able to build a fire that we couldn't build in the truck.
Beside we were having a good time and it was a break from his wife’s honey do list.

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