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Well, growing your own food isn't as simple as it sounds.

Heeheehee. This sounds like a discussion that's been brewing at my house. My LS grew up in the suburbs, while I grew up on a farm. She wants a garden. I say, "Have a lovely time with that endeavor." I served my time in the fields from when I was old enough to walk until I escaped to college, and I won't do it again by choice.

Growing and preserving your own food is back-breaking work (during the best recreational time of the year) that only pays out at pennies per hour. I am a big fan of farmers' markets and co-operative growing agreements (i.e. buying a share in a farm, sharing the risk and being rewarded with a family-sized share of the harvest) instead.

If I had to plant a garden to survive, I could and would. Right now, I don't have to and I'd rather pay someone else, locally and directly, who wants to.