My jeep was the bologna in an SUV sandwich.

Paul810 is completely right. It's not even a wagon. The Compass (and the Patriot) under the skin and the 4x4 are just Dodge Calibers with bigger interior space. It's no vehicle for rock crawling but for 'drive through the ditch' type off road duties it's served me just fine. And for on road use there isn't a finer SUV IMHO. It gets better fuel mileage than anything I'm aware of, rides great, is super quiet, takes a pothole like a champ, and it uses space very efficiently. I can fit a ton of stuff in (all the seats but the drivers fold flat), and still parallel park it in a smaller space than I could my wifes old Escort ZX2.

I'd say that the only small SUV that rivals it for urban use is a Subaru Forester with a turbo...but the Compass is way cheaper than one of those.