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Something like a Jeep would be your best bet, the original short wheelbase jeep, they put a bicycle rack on the back. Those won't look too out of place, I do some side consulting for a small start up company who has a college girl working for them that drives a jeep and has the bike rack on the back, those are common enough that they bland in.

I would actually think the long wheelbase wrangler would be a bit better choice. Noticeably more space for storage without sacrificing much off-road ability (it actually has greater approach and departure angles) or fuel mileage. Anyone that has ever owned a regular wrangler knows there isn't much storage space, especially without the rear seats folded up if you squeeze more than two people in. The new version with the two extra doors, while not as sporty as the two door, is much easier for entry and exit (for packages and bags as well as people). The LWB can also tow more, which is nice to have the ability, even if you don't own a trailer.

If they ever made a 4-door LWB Rubicon with the diesel they put in the Grand Cherokee, it would be my perfect suv. grin