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I don't like murdercycles, sorry...

Same here, I don't know if Cali is the same way, but in NJ it seems like people in cars aim for guys and gals on motorcycles. All my friends that rode have either stopped because they had too many close calls or died. It's really sad.

With that in mind, I think I'd rather have some kind of a quad ATV. I think they would be a bit safer having the stability of four wheels and a bit better off road. I know they can carry a lot of stuff strapped to the back and front as well (plus being able to tow a ~1,000lb trailer). I don't know what their on-road legalities are in your state (some you can get them registered for on-road use, other states you can't), but if you really have to get out of an area fast, I wouldn't really care. Arctic Cat even makes one that will run on diesel/bio-diesel/JP-5/JP-8, though I don't know how it is.