When I connect my generator up to the home-20, I do the following:

1) Isolate the house from the electric grid at the main breaker.
2) Pull the stove's circuit breaker.
3) Connect a 220vac wire to the stove circuit breaker and re-install the stove circuit breaker.
4) Plug the 220vac wire into the generator receptacle for 220vac.
5) Secure every circuit breaker on the circuit breaker box.
6) Start the generator and then enegize those circuits that you wish to use.
7) You must know the power draw of the equipment that you wish to run in your house. A 60w light bulb draws 60 watts. Don't try to run more equipment than what your generator can support.

I run the lights, TV, Computor, and cable box. I secure everything when I want to run the refrigerator and freezer, after I pull out what I want for the day.

That's how I do it!!
The best luck is what you make yourself!