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This reverse double male-ended plug technique is how we power our remote hunt camp. The generator (1400watt Honda) is behind the camp and a heavy duty power cord goes from it to the building. A one foot long double male connector then attaches the power cord to a plug-in on the outside wall and into the camp wiring.

That is an extremely dangerous thing to do. The reason that power sources are fitted with a socket (female) is to make the live conductor inaccessible. Your male-male cord bypasses that inherent safety. Imagine you plug the cord into the generator then take the free end (male plug) to the building and the generator starts up before you plug it in. You now have a live and accessible conductor in your hand, which is dangerous.

Imagine the plug comes out during the night, and someone has to root around to find it (without turning of the generator). You'll know when they've found it!

Imagine someone wants to plug a power tool in to work outside. They see a socket, but it is occupied by the male-male cord. They unplug the cord so they can plug the power tool in, not realising it is live.

You should have a permanently wired flying lead from the building to the generator, or a male plug attached to the building in the same way as an RV receptacle. This would allow you to plug a male plug into the generator and carry the (potentially live but safe) female end to the building.

Sorry to be such a pedant, but it's so easy to do this safely.