I'm not trying to judge you, Sh-ooOO. All I was saying is that everyone seems to think that 60 year olds are universally not fit anymore, and most people tend to think that it is some great feat when any older person accomplishes something in the least bit physically demanding. But I was raised by a professional athlete who is now in his 70's and he still enjoys competing athletically with guys in their 30's. That old guy up north might not be a pro athlete, but he is no city-boy either. What gives? So, I am blessed with a different perspective than most, and I feel strongly about it. That's why when I'm in my 60's I'll be able to run 10 miles and back without having to do lunch, and maybe you'll still be looking for left field. There's nothing wrong with that, and concerning my "advice", don't feel so targeted, as it is only my own personal opinion, my own "take" or understanding, if you will, nothing to get all worked up about. Concerning my confidence boost reference, that was only a little sarcasm mixed with a little dry humor, again, nothing to get upset about, no deliberate attempt on my part make you feel like becoming defensive. Funny's are good, I like funnies, keep 'em coming, you're obviously better at it than I am. I guess what I've learned here is that a dry sense of humor can be embarassing if not downright attractive as a roostertail.

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