Ahh, age-shmage! 63 ain't that old. Give him twenty more years and then say his age might have worked against him. Those Inuit guys eat lots of fish, one of the most nutrient dense foods.
If you live a healthy lifestyle, you don't get "old" until you're almost 100. Only smokers, alcoholics, unhealthy eaters and couch-potatoes get old in their sixties. Age is relative.
If people really wanted to live to be 120, they could. A few have, maybe because they didn't listen to society telling them that people don't live that long.
Sixty should be thought of by mainstream society as "just over the hump"! People just have to wake up to the reality that we are not living anywhere near the healthy lifestyles that we could be living.
Think about it. If every time you thought about MacDonald's you instead ate a salad of green leafy vegetables topped with tomatoes and broccoli garnished with a little crushed garlic topped with extra-virgin olive oil flavored with a few drops of balsamic vinegar, and if every time you thought you'd spend a few hours in front of the idiot-box you instead took a five-mile walk in the woods, and if every time you thought about smoking a cigarette you instead did twenty-five push-ups followed by a cool glass of water with a lemon wedge in it, and if every time you thought about getting drunk you instead read a book while sipping a cup of green tea, and if every time you were about to give in to anger and curse or yell you instead breathed deep and reflected on how silly life can often be,...

The Bell Curve says ignorance is normal.