ducktapeguy, I agree with you. Bugging out is different than evacuating. It all depends on WHY you are evacuating from (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.) In the case of the SOCAL fires, typical BOB gear would most likely be a lower priority than family heirlooms, pictures, data, etc.

I didn't read that the lifehacker discussion was SPECIFICALLY aimed toward the fire evac. (OOPS!!). (I'm the guy who assembles things without using the instructions that came in the box).

I would definitely grab my computer chassis (even though it weighs 50+ pounds). I have put way too much time/money into building it for it to be lost in a fire.

PS: I like the guy in the Lifehacker discussion who said he wouldn't take anything because he likes the feeling of "owning nothing".
"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Frankin