No markings anywhere on my stove to suggest where it came from. It's a double wall type. Center opening is smaller than the outside. Measuring across the bottom it's about 2 1/4 inch while the hole in the center is a little over 1 inch. It has a sort of foot/rim on the bottom with the bottom being indented but not dished. 2 1/4 in height. It is much thicker than a soda can, made from aluminum. weight on postal scale is a hair under 1 OZ. I believe I read somewhere that is was made from some type of beer can, and it looks as if you cut off the top and flip it, then jam it into the bottom. The top edge is smooth with no leaks (or glue) I can see. Well polished,no burrs, simple clean design, well executed IMO.

In looking at the neck I seen no indentations of threads but I am looking at the inner side of the can and the part with the threads may have been cut off. Wider pots were recommended due to the side burning flames and the supplied windscreen didn't fit the pot I chose. Through e mail I mentioned this and was sent a new longer and wider screen to fit. good service.
(no affiliation, just satisfied customer)