Adding to the list of beer brands available in aluminum bottles; "JW Dundee's - Pale Ale" from High Falls Brewing Co., Rochester, NY and "Moose Drool - Brown Ale" from Big Sky Brewing Co., Missoula, MT. I've heard that there are a couple of Mexican brands available in aluminum bottles but I haven't tracked them down yet. The "bottles" are of much heavier aluminum than cans.

The "JW Dundee's" have a recessed but flat bottom and the "Moose Drool" bottles have a concave bottom that looks like it would lend itself nicely to the "penny stove" design in a sturdier version.

Mini (5.5 Fl. Oz.) "V8 Juice" cans look like they'll fit nicely inside the cut down beer bottles and a regular soda/beer can will fit over them for a "stove snuffer". I'll post a report after I build a couple of stoves.

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