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Yes, pop rivets. I had researched alcohol stoves and was all set to try my hand at it then happened to read someone's comment that if the stove was stepped on it would be cold meals for the rest of the trip (a Leave No Trace hiker i think). The stove feels like it could take a beating and still hold up, but is still small and lightweight.

I like the look of the White Box Stove enough that I picked up several aluminum beer bottles to experiment with.

One thing about the soda-can stoves... they certainly are somewhat fragile but after making 4 or 5, putting one together is quick and easy with just a multi-tool and a large safety pin (To poke the holes. I don't bother with metal tape or JB Weld.) The cans and fuel are readily available anywhere except the backwoods. I think of it as another skill in my survival/emergency preparedness arsenal.

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