As with most questions, I think it depends on what situation you're in. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so our most likely long-term situation is an earthquake. I live in a city, and my expectation is that there will be plenty of cars with nowhere to drive them, so I have a Coleman stove that runs on white gas and unleaded gas, along with a siphon and a car opener. (Not to mention the propane stoves with little green propane cans and the big bottle.)

I'm less concerned about fuel than food, as I assume I'll be trapped in a certain area by collapse of overpasses, so there'll be plenty of cars to siphon, but less food after the run on stores. If we do run out of fuel before we run out of food, I'll be happy to start tearing down all the wooden fences the city required in our development. :-> I'm confident there'll be plenty of wood in the collapsed frame houses in my area of town.