"...blackberry jelly with fajitas..."

You have to love Uncle Sam's sense of humor.

I hear you re the altitude. A couple of months ago we moved from sea level to about 7200 ft. Less air here than we are used to, we felt pooped all the time for a while. An interesting side effect I had was the nose bleed from hell. We are not talking a drip here, I had a FLOW on one side for several HOURS. No telling how much blood I lost, but I was getting kinda light headed. Went to the local urgent care, they worked for two hours and could not stop the thing, so they sent me 70 miles to a hospital, where they used cocaine (no drug tests for me for a while) to stop the flow, then cauterized several spots. They said that it was a combo of the altitude and dry air, and had me start applying Neosporin to the inside of my nostrils a couple of times a day. So I have not added Neosporin to my FAK. Something to think about...