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#86996 - 03/01/07 01:59 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: beadles]
Eugene Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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I looked at the silverado hybrid. Remember its just a mild hybrid, it doesn't drive under electric power. But they were only available in a couple states. My regular silverado gets 20mpg anyway so it seems like it didn't add much to it for the extra cost. Fuel mileage was something I looked at and most SUV's, even the small ones barely get over 20 with some getting into the mid 20's and then the minivan/cars called SUV's maybe hitting 30 if they are pretty much useless so 20mpg from a v8 4x4 that can seat 6 and has 7' of crumple zone behind it is pretty decent.
I think I've seen that avalanche on some of the HAM forums with all its antennae on top. Do you have problems with those Blitz gas cans leaking when your filling, mine does.

#86997 - 03/01/07 02:05 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: beadles]
OldBaldGuy Offline

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All those gas cans that low on the rear really scare me. Get rear-ended, even at low speed, and whoof...

#86998 - 03/01/07 02:06 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: beadles]
Paul810 Offline

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Originally Posted By: beadles

Just for discussion's sake, here are pics of my Xterra and a buddy's Escalade loaded out for post-katrina Mississippi. You won't have all the radio gear, but this'll make you think about that it'll look like loaded. The back seat is down, so the entire back deck is used.

That's a regular Avalanche I believe, not the Escalade version?

Anyway, what does all that radio equipment do? I've never seen so many antennas (antennae?) strapped to a vehicle. shocked

As to the Silverado Hybrid, I was checking them out when they first came out. They also have a Yukon Hybrid coming out soon (which I would be somewhat interested in if the new Yukon wasn't so ugly sick). I'm still not "won over" on this Hybrid technology yet, but I am keeping a pretty open mind. I wish they would come out with a diesel Hybrid version already. Imagine 30mpg in a 1500 size truck and still being able to tow 8,000+lbs. grin

#87002 - 03/01/07 02:27 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: Jess]
Burncycle Offline

Registered: 09/16/04
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If you want to really go off pavement, how about a unimog?

#87004 - 03/01/07 02:45 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: Burncycle]
duckear Offline

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The sweetest rig is not available in the US

Toyota Hilux, 5 spd manual, A/C with the diesel engine, extended cab with a cap over the bed.

For here, Jeep Liberty with the diesel or a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited.

#87009 - 03/01/07 03:08 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: duckear]
aloha Offline
Old Hand

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For small size SUV like the ones you listed, I actually prefer the Subaru Forrestor. But it too is built on a car chasis like others have mentioned. If you do not have to go the small SUV route, I would laso prefer a truck based chasis and would go with a Toyota Tacoma extra cab with a camper shell. It is rugged, powerful enough, low maintenance and has storage.

I am considering another vehicle too as our BMW X3 will barely hold our stuff for family camping. But my wife wanted a smaller vehicle...another story.

The H3 was a consideration but it is under powered.
A Land Rover is too expensive.
A Forrestor (which we had before and is great) or a CR-V (which we almost bought) is small. Also, the all wheel drive on the CR-V is primarily a front wheel drive and not a true all wheel drive.

My friend's Toyota extra cab truck with a camper shell and V8 engine has great power, cavernous storage space and better gas mileage (about 20 mpg) with regular unleaded than my car and my wife's X3 has using premium. So I was thinking Toyota Tacoma in a V6 with a camper shell would probably serve us well. Toyota is known by all of my mechanic friends for reliability and minimal servicing issues.

#87010 - 03/01/07 03:09 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: duckear]
Stu Offline
I am not a P.P.o.W.
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No matter what vehicle you decide on, make sure it will fit the people you want to travel with you and what supplies you want to take with you, with some additional room. You might need to invest in a supply trailer to hold your supplies, extra fuel, or to use as a shelter, so make sure your vehicle can haul a loaded trailer. Are you thinking of going off-road? Ground clearance, tire size and treads, gearing, engine power, etc., all come into effect.
Our most important survival tool is our brain, and for many, that tool is way underused! SBRaider
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#87018 - 03/01/07 03:54 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: duckear]
benjammin Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Ha, you mention the Hi Lux over here in Austalia at the ORV parks, and the Aussies will laugh.
The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.
-- Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)

#87025 - 03/01/07 05:21 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: Jess]
haertig Offline

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I think most anything will do. I remember back many years ago, we were in our '85 Blazer, in 4WD, picking our way carefully up a trail full of large rocks. Going about 3 mph. Then out of nowhere came this huge Buick sedan just flying along with a large woman driver (many hundred lbs I'd guess, the land-yacht was listing over towards the drivers side). It was just bouncing and jumping and sparking as it bashed across the rocks at full speed. It was quite a sight to behold, but this Buick put our 4x4 Blazer to shame. Where she came from and where she was going will forever remain a mystery.

I wish I was rich enough to choose/buy a vehicle based on how well it would do in the rare bug-out scenerio. We just bought a new truck that seems like it'd be OK for the task. But we've only had it 4 days so I can't speak from experience. Just your non-exotic Ford F150 4x4 Supercab with skid plate and heavy duty towing package. Of all our cars, this is the one I'd take if I were going somewhere that I thought might be dicey to navigate.

#87026 - 03/01/07 05:21 AM Re: Best SUV for survival [Re: benjammin]
duckear Offline

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Posts: 477
Originally Posted By: benjammin
Ha, you mention the Hi Lux over here in Austalia at the ORV parks, and the Aussies will laugh.


I know some missionaries in Central America and they love theirs.

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