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#79687 - 12/10/06 10:15 PM Christmas is a good time to ......
wildman800 Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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With my family (primarily speaking of the extended family) knowing that I am the "Survivalist Nut" in the family, this is a good time to collect small inexpensive items for your hobby. When someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I'll tell them an item (low cost) that I've been wanting & forgetting to get. These are small low cost items that the person concerned can easily get & that they know will "trip my trigger" to receive it. This is providing both payback for me and smug satisfaction for them (since it confirms in their mind that I'm the idiot/nut that they think that I am) of which they will now have a new "idiot" story to share around the dinner table. It appears to me to be a "win-win" situation!
I would like to hear other's thoughts on this subject.
The best luck is what you make yourself!

#79688 - 12/10/06 11:28 PM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
OldBaldGuy Offline

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I think that will work no matter what your "hobby" might be...

#79689 - 12/10/06 11:51 PM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
Simon Offline

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Loc: Tennessee
I'm the redneck/roughneck, bluecollar, hands-on, outdoor, get-my-hands-dirty guy in an extended white-collar family with the same situation. I just told them all to pitch in and get me a pair of boots I want. I said they are for working and hiking and such. But they are combat boots made to go with that relatively new Army Combat Uniform now worn by full-time National Guard guys I work around. They say the boots are great so I want a pair. Gee, that same look at me every year and I know at least someone in the family is thinking "he is such a redneck!"
Me, a vegetarian? My set of teeth came with canines.

#79691 - 12/11/06 12:51 AM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
oldsoldier Offline
Old Hand

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Christmas is a good time to....
put all my winter gear into my jeep. Thanks for the reminder, as we havent had any real snow yet this year in new england!
Of course, its also the time to appreciate what you have, and spend the time with those important to you.
my adventures

#79692 - 12/11/06 02:41 AM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
NeighborBill Offline

Registered: 03/02/03
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After retiring from the Army, I will second those boots. Love 'em.

Very comfy and durable.
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#79693 - 12/11/06 01:54 PM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
KG2V Offline


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OK - RE the new boots.. Brand? Model?
73 de KG2V
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#79694 - 12/11/06 03:00 PM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
Ors Offline
Namu (Giant Tree)

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Remember the passing of my Mom eight years ago, and how close I came to losing my life a few years later...don't EVER spend Christmas in the hospital if you can avoid it...that day the nurses were grumpy and inattentive!

It's a good reminder of how short and unpredictable life can be...so make every moment count...memento mori, remember you too shall die, ultima forsan, perhaps the last (moment of life).

Make it count <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Memento mori
Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat (They all wound, the last kills)

#79695 - 12/11/06 03:13 PM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
Simon Offline

Registered: 04/24/06
Posts: 398
Loc: Tennessee
Belleville 790 Temperate Weather Boots

Here's a link I found:


There are other models by Belleville and Corcoran that are good too.
Me, a vegetarian? My set of teeth came with canines.

#79696 - 12/11/06 06:33 PM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
bassnbear Offline

Registered: 08/25/06
Posts: 44
Loc: Southeast US
Christmas is not only a good time to get some of those survival items you want to add to your supplies, but it's a good time to begin educating family and friends to their need for survival preparation. I'm giving each member of my family a Doug Ritter PSK for Christmas with a note that tells them about getting ready "just in case." The same goes for many of my friends. There's lots of things we can give them - as a sort of getting started on preparation type of thing. Remember, Christmas is for giving, not just receiving.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

#79697 - 12/12/06 12:25 PM Re: Christmas is a good time to ......
TELF Offline

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christmas present to the guys, baccy tin sized first aid kit. and one of the lads is going backpacking with me in the brecon beacons. started planing when we found his dads bergen.

probably a good time to mention the little saying at the rowing club, 'vetrans take several pints of beer to agree to stupid ideas, juniors start them' explains the berecon beacons on the shortest day idea. the long range shows good weather(used to acuratly predict weather at regattas, except when i wore winter gear on the hottest day, it was foggy at 4am)so not too bad, though i hope like hell we can actualy shift quickly on the route we are taking. otherwise i miss christmas eve diner(read lots of hot food!) though missing my little (er might be niece, family relation stuff is not my best point, will fill this in later) would be an advantage.
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