My wife decided to go hiking with me this morning. That is fine. She is quite the tomboy and doesnt slow me down or hit me with a bunch of stupid problems on the way. <br> It has been near 100 degrees Farenhieght with 90+ relative humidity the last few days. I have been carrying only a plastic one pint listerine bottle as a canteen lately. (It fits in my back pocket) That was marginal yesterday as most of the creeks are dry. My wife, at least, needed a larger canteen. <br> We had a nearly empty plastic Maple Syrup bottle. Its capacity is 1/2 US gallon. I belive the brand was Maple Gold. This bottle is shaped like an old glass jug. The kind you imagine the "Beverly Hillbillys" carrying moonshine in. I poured the syrup into another container and washed it out. <br> The lid from a bottled water container fits this syrup bottle perfectly. (the quick open kind) I believe it was a Dasanti brand but I am not sure. It needed a gasket to seal though. I cut out a gasket from a styrofoam egg carton. It seals so well that you pull a vacuum on the bottle when you drink from it. <br> I lashed a large keyring to the neck of the bottle with a nylon cord and covered it with PVC glue. If you have ever been aboard a US Navy ship on display then you may have seen how hard PVC glue sets up on string. The handrails usually have some fancy ropework covered in glue. <br> We took a 2 inch wide adjustable nylon strap, with quick disconnect clips, off of a canvas briefcase we had lying in the closet. She said that it was quite comfortable and the weight of that much water was not noticeable. The only problem she had with it was that it would roll around on your waist and that occasionally became annoying.<br> Since we have returned home I have lashed cheap parachute cord around the wide part of the bottle and covered the ends with electrical tape to insure that it doesnt come undone. This should help keep it from becoming punctured and is also a source of nearly 20 feet of cord if necessary. <br> Hey, it didnt cost anything to make. Nearly every piece was headed for the garbage can anyway.