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Where do you want to go on ETS?

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#71881 - 08/25/06 08:45 AM Re: My mini BOB with pictures!!
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change water-purification tabs once a year? What kind are you using. I use micropur tabs and they have a exp-date of five years!
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#71882 - 08/26/06 02:52 AM Re: My mini BOB with pictures!!
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I use potable aqua, and even though they have a 3 year shelf life, thats only if you don't open the bottle. Then it's six months. So, what I do is every six months, dispose of the ones in my PSK repacks, replace them with the ones from my ditch kit with the set I have on hand for when I assemble BOB, and put new ones in the standby box (BOB's home when he isn't wearing his skin).

For everyone else I build kits for, I recommend an annual replacement, just becuase that and firestarters are the one place I'd rather dispose of perfectly good gear than risk having something stale in my pack.

When a man dare not speak without malice for fear of giving insult, that is when truth starts to die. Truth is the truest freedom.

#71884 - 08/27/06 12:49 AM Thanks for all the help
Vader Offline

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Hi, your suggestion are pretty good. Anyways here are the answers to your questions

My kits weight is 9 pounds without water and 12 with water

I really would like too add a fixed blade to my kit but i lack the $$ right now.

For a saw, I would mostly depend on my leatherman and commando saw for this kit. If i had a bigger one I would probably get a small buck saw.

I don't know if I should carry toothpaste and a tooth brush. I know it good to brush your teeth, but in an emergency situation is it necessary?

Adding a mosquito head net is a great idea. I will really consider it.

I dont really wear it everytime I go outdoors, because I find it heavy. So I am working on lightening it up so it is more comfortable to wear.

About adding more shelter, I think its a good idea, because it can get quite nippy up here. I was thinking maybe a cheap poncho?

Gloves would also be a good addition. What kind would you recomend?

I'll try expanding the FAK a bit but I'm tight on space there too. A maxi pad should fit if i fold it.

I'm not too sure about the name of the flash, light. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, has a halogene bulb I beleive and is water proof. Too let you know I also carry a small photon light as a backup.

And finally I should carry a small bottle of insect repelant. The bugs can get quite bad here. I was thinking muskol.

Thanks again for the help

#71885 - 08/27/06 01:29 AM Re: Thanks for all the help
Frankie Offline
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Muskol comes in liquid and spray, with 30% DEET. Spray is probably more risky for your nylon gear and the liquid will penetrate more in the skin. Watkins contains 28% DEET and it's less absorbing because it's a lotion like sunscreen and you know where you put it since it's not transparent when you apply it.

Roll a $5 NiteIze headband around your flashlight if it fits so that you can free your hands...


#71886 - 08/27/06 02:18 AM Re: Thanks for all the help
ironraven Offline
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Careful then with the Commando saw- use it as a bow saw, thats your best way keep it a saw. Just be careful with how tightly your roll it.

As for the tooth brush, it's a good thing. Even if you can't do a smoke bath, brushing your teeth will make you feel a lot better in the morning. Keep in mind that the inside of your mouth is the only place where you can't really get to AND are likely to do something silly to. Something that slips between the tooth and gum, or between the teeth, can turn into an infection real fast.

Besides, there are some cuties in the SAR community.

When a man dare not speak without malice for fear of giving insult, that is when truth starts to die. Truth is the truest freedom.

#71887 - 08/27/06 06:57 AM Re: Thanks for all the help
aloha Offline
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Besides, there are some cuties in the SAR community.


Good man! You sure plan way ahead.

#71888 - 08/27/06 05:48 PM Re: Thanks for all the help
turbo Offline

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Just an observation Vader, but I would move the canteen to the belt. Where you have it in the picture, the bounce of your step will magnify the weight. I carry a similar set up on my twelve mile walk each day. Currently the weight of my setup including clothing is twenty three pounds. My extensive first aid kit is in a separate bag on the belt on my left and the combination canteen stove is on my right side belt. Pouches carrying light weight items like jackets and food, when and if I carry any, are attached to Proteus. I estimate at the rate I am traveling I can go up to thirty pounds and still be comfortable. I have many good packs but I get too hot and it is difficult to vent my chest area to regulate my temperature with a pack.

#71889 - 08/27/06 06:23 PM first aid
billym Offline

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I would suggest getting some 4x4 non adherent dressings so you can actually cover a wound. As your kit stands you have no wound dressings.

#71890 - 08/28/06 12:56 AM Re: Thanks for all the help
Hike4Fun Offline

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It seems like what you are making is an
EDC Every Day Carry or a SK Survival Kit.

A BOB Bug Out Bag, is a kit used for an
evacuation: you have some idea where
you are going and you are avoiding
an immediate threat.

This is not just semantics; if you were really
evacuating to the woods; a fixed-blade knife,
saw, axe, file, wood chisel, cold chisel, tarp etc
would be a reasonable beginning kit. If you are
only going for a hike in the woods, forget most
of it.

Another example.
Unless you work or travel in the bush, a
canteen would seem to be too troublesome
for EDC.

Read and consider what others have done,
on various Survival Forums.

If you cannot buy with cash, think of trading;
you might be happy to get rid of some junk in
you garage. Old used tools can sometimes be
very good. Talk to a local "sharping shop",
and ask where you might get some cheap used
tools (knives). Many thin kitchen-type knives, can
be used effectively on wood, but you cannot pry
with them, at all.


#71891 - 08/28/06 01:08 AM Re: Thanks for all the help
ironraven Offline
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Registered: 09/08/05
Posts: 4642
Loc: Vermont
It's called thinking about what happens after the situation, it's good for morale. Just don't get distracted, or, well, Murphy and Darwin will laugh at you.

When a man dare not speak without malice for fear of giving insult, that is when truth starts to die. Truth is the truest freedom.

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