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#67232 - 06/06/06 04:12 AM Emergency Pet kit
redflare Offline

Registered: 12/25/05
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Loc: SF Bay Area, CA
I searched the forum and couldn't find anything on this topic.

Are there any recommendations about contents of an emergency kit for pets? I am guessing the most common once: cats and dogs.

thanks for any input

#67233 - 06/06/06 04:33 AM Re: Emergency Pet kit
turbo Offline

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#67234 - 06/06/06 05:23 AM Re: Emergency Pet kit
Susan Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
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Generally speaking, pets need the same things people need:
Warmth in low temps
Meds & first aid

And, because they're not rational thinkers, confinement of some kind. A collapsible wire dog crate for cats would be handy, a vinyl-covered steel cable for the dog.

A litter box could come in handy for cats, but you could use all kinds of stuff for the litter: dirt, sand, ashes (cold), small or crumpled dry leaves. A scoop, too.

You're probably aware that shelters don't accept animals. This is just beginning to change, but don't count on it. I rather camp in the car with the pets rather than leave them behind.


#67235 - 06/07/06 06:20 AM Re: Emergency Pet kit
peanut Offline

Registered: 03/09/01
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As with any emergency plan, much depends on your situation and what emergencies you are planning for. With that being said, this is being written from the point of view of a Katrina survivor.

First, you must keep your pets with you if at all possible. To do this, you must have portable confinement. Some shelters down here will accept pets but only as long as they are confined. Pet crates are imperitive.

Second is identification. And multiple forms at that. I recommend microchips, plus a collar (breakaway for cats) with contact information, and maybe contact info for a friend or family member some distance away from the disaster zone where phones are working. Also consider tattooing.

The reason for redundancy in ID is that any animal rescue will be highly confused. Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (VMAT's) were held 50 to 125 milees out of the disaster zone by bureaucrats. The bulk of animal rescure was handled by either charities or brand new ad hoc groups. Those groups either had no protocols or knowledge of the rules, or chose to ignore them, that's how they were able to operate. A large percentage of rescued animals will never be reunited with their people.

A crate plus your personal arrangements will take care of shelter.

Assuming you have planned water for yourselves, add extra for your pets. Also add collapsible or non-breakable bowls for it.

Dry food is best from the point of view of weight and cost to evacuate with. But it's always best to keep them on their regular feed if possible.

For first aid, remember that cats can NOT have Tylenol or Pepto. Bandaging materials can be shared with your animals. Try not to close any wound until it has been thoroughly cleaned, cover it instead until you can get help. Benadryl liquid is a good OTC to help calm fractious animals.

Keeping up with vaccinations and heartworm preventative is a good way to avoid emergencies. Remember your pets attract fleas, so keep a good quality flea treatment around. Advantage or Frontline are good choices, avoid Hartz or Sergeant's. I've treated too many cases of toxicity from those, whatever money you save initially may be more than outdone by what you have to pay an emergency Vet for treatment.

The main thing is to evacuate early and to travel far and fast, AVOID the emergency. Outside of the disaster zone, professional help is available 24 hours a day in metropolitan areas and close to that elsewhere. That's where your pets should be, with you.


P.S. I'm a vet who's worked emergency full time for 14 years
a prodigal scout, just trying to be prepared.

#67236 - 06/07/06 01:26 PM Re: Emergency Pet First Aid question
norad45 Offline

Registered: 07/01/04
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Glad to have a pet expert here. Here's a question I have. Assuming no vet care is available, my dog has a wound and the bleeding has stopped, is it better for a person who has no pet first aid experience (like me) to attempt to treat it with antibiotic ointments, etc, or would it be better to let the dog take care of it by licking it? In other words, should I do the same for a dog as I would for a person? I notice that the licking behavior is hard to stop and there must be a reason that dogs developed it. What is a professional's opinion?

P.S.: I'm a pretty new dog owner so forgive my ignorance.

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#67237 - 06/07/06 03:21 PM Re: Emergency Pet First Aid question
Ors Offline
Namu (Giant Tree)

Registered: 09/16/05
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Loc: Florida, USA
I am certainly not an expert, but from personal experience, a dog licking their wounds in a way to stimulate healing. This licking can also help humans. My father-in-law swears that dog licking is healing, in his words. Any time he has a minor cut or abrasion he lets his dog lick it, and sure enough, it heals quickly. I've tried it a couple of times myself. I know nothing of the chemical make up of dog's saliva or even if it does speed healing. Just thought I'd share the anecdote and wait for an informed perspective from our emergency vet friend.
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#67238 - 06/07/06 04:12 PM Re: Emergency Pet First Aid question
JimJr Offline

Registered: 05/03/05
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Loc: Central Mississippi
Remember that just like you, your pet will also have important documents that need to be protected and brought along; licenses, vaccinations, etc.

There are new (U.S.) federal laws upcoming regarding the treatment of pets in a disaster situation. Ideally, the Red Cross and Humane Society should work together to devise plans for people-pet co-located shelters.


#67239 - 06/07/06 04:52 PM Re: Emergency Pet kit
wolf Offline

Registered: 12/01/04
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Loc: Michigan
In my first aid kit I have a few things primarilly for my dogs - vet cling wrap (in blaze orange - can be used as trail marker if needed), a razor, and I'm going to add a muzzle, but a bandana will do until I do. Even a pet who loves you might bite if in pain, making treatment more difficult.
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#67240 - 06/07/06 05:29 PM Re: Emergency Pet kit
turbo Offline

Registered: 01/27/04
Posts: 133
Loc: Oregon
Here is the list of items I keep for my dogs. This list is the result of 36 years of large breed handling. It all fits in a large duffle. This is in addition to their normal kennels, food, water, and toys that travel with us.

Dog First Aid Kit

“Pet First Aid Book”, Bobbie Mammato Latex gloves - 4 pairs
Gauze sponges 12 ply 4X4 - 4 Roll gauze, 2 inch wide
Gauze pads 2X2 - 5 Dental floss
Non-stick triple layer pads 1.5X2 - 10 Ear Wash insecticidal
Roll bandages, wrap that stretches and clings Cotton Balls
Splint material Adhesive tape, hypo-allergenic
Non-adherent sterile pads 3X8 - 3 Small scissors
Forceps Needles
Safety razor - 4 Tweezers
Specimen bags - 2 Nylon leashes - 2
Absorber Towel- 4 Cotton cloth 3' X 3'
Muzzle Italian style - 2 Needle nose pliers
Compact thermal blanket - 2 Thermometer
Water based sterile lubricant KY Hydrogen peroxide, 3%
190 proof alcohol Triple antibiotic ointment - 8 packet
Epsom salt, Antiseptic towelettes - 5
Antiseptic Povidone-Iodine 3% Sterile eye lubricant
Sterile saline eye wash Pencil
Diphenhydramine, antihistamine 25mg - 11 Pencil Sharpener
Astringent swabs, stops bleeding, - 24 Plastic card to scrape away stingers
Petroleum jelly Penlight
Oral syringe 1 to 20 drops Oral syringe 1 to 10 ml, (2 tsp)
Oral syringe 60 cc (2 oz) Simethicone 125 mg gas relief - 10
Cotton tipped applicators - 2 two packs Tissues - 1 pack
Dehydrated sponge Matches
Elastic Bandages Safety pins
Ziplock quart bags - 10 Ziplock gallon bags - 8
Scalpel with extra blades Waterproof writing paper
Nail clippers Grooming brush
Tick removal tool Emery board
Dog booties Copy of First Aid Kit contents

Veterinarian name, address, and phone number, Emergency Veterinarian Hospital address and phone number, and National Animal Poison Control Center 1-800-548-2423 or 1-900-680-0000.

Each dog's name and detailed description, (date of birth, sex, breed, color, weight, disposition, training type and level attained), dog license number, county where licensed and telephone number, Getmehome.com Tag number, and Home Again Companion Animal Retrieval System 800-252-7894 and chip number.

#67241 - 06/07/06 05:40 PM Re: Emergency Pet kit
JIM Offline
Old Hand

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''Safety razor''

What's that?

Seems a pretty complete kit. Maybe some sort of shelter for them?

It would be nice if pet's could carry their own "survival equipment", would give a whole new meaning to PSK: (Pet Surivival Kit)<img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

But seriously, you could put a few items into some sort of harness with pouches (something like this):


I would be handy and make it harder to forget stuff: the pet carries it himself!
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