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#63852 - 04/17/06 01:08 PM Re: Kevlar and Spectra Properties

I hope your don't mind Craig. I'm going to plunk this link down in the middle of some questions about Kevlar and Spectra thread and line.

The link below is a BYU paper on the use of these materials, mostly related to reinforcement fibers, but at the end of the paper there are tables of properties. Properties or Kevlar and Spectra

I'm still not sure of the UV sensitivity of Kevlar. I know sailmakers noted a problem but then Kevlar is used for lines in both parachute and paragliding wings. For now I'll stick with Kevlar as it is fire resistent, where Spectra "burns readily".

#63853 - 04/17/06 02:06 PM "A small saw can be a wonderful thing to have..."
MissouriExile Offline
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I have a Gerber folding saw that works well. It is a little bulky but I would be glad to have it in a situation.
What about the small saw in the Leatherman Wave (or other multi-tool) ? What does everyone think about the utility of these small folding saws? ( in real life "situations")

#63854 - 04/17/06 02:11 PM Re: "A small saw can be a wonderful thing to have.
JIM Offline
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The leatherman's saw blade rules!!! <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
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#63855 - 04/17/06 03:10 PM Re: "A small saw can be a wonderful thing to have.
massacre Offline
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The saw is quite nice. Reminds me of a mini version of my Stanley "Shark" toolbox saw. Pretty nice for cutting down saplings for shelter or even bigger jobs with some judicious cutting around the outside of a larger branch. I once had to cut a 2x4 and didn't feel like going back for my hand saw... the LM did the job admirably (my arm was sore, but then I was trying to make a nice cut <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> )
Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.

#63856 - 04/17/06 04:40 PM Re: "A small saw can be a wonderful thing to have..."
Craig_phx Offline
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We had some tree branches we had to cut in our back yard. These would be the same size as needed for shelter construction. My Leatherman Charge saw would have been slow and painful. The handle on the Leatherman is not designed for prolonged hard use. It has lots of sharp edges on the handle. I used my Gerber Sportsman's Saw and it was amazing how easy it is to cut. It seems green wood is much easier to cut than dry wood. The handle on the Sportsman's saw is comfortable for long, heavy use. I keep one in my Camelbak. It is light and flat. I think it is worth its weight.

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#63857 - 04/17/06 08:08 PM Re: "A small saw can be a wonderful thing to have..."
Stu Offline
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The saw on a Vic 111mm SAK or a Weneger (sp?) 120mm SAK is hard to beat.
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#63858 - 04/17/06 08:10 PM Re: "A small saw can be a wonderful thing to have.
Alan_Romania Offline


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The Victorinox and Leathman saws are made by the same company... I don't know who, but this is what I have been told. Compare them side by side...
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#63859 - 04/17/06 08:20 PM Re: "A small saw can be a wonderful thing to have..."
Leigh_Ratcliffe Offline

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Loc: United Kingdom.
I use the saw on the Wave quite often. Within it's limit's- fantastic !!!! Pity it ain't twice the size. Like all small saws ( 2.5") it's lenth places sharp limits on what you can or cannot do with it. Anything up to thumbs width, no problem. 3-5" or there abouts, saw around the edges to around 1-1.5" deep then snap the limb. Beyond that, you will need a sports saw. I have found that the Fiskar's "sports " saw, 6"ish folded, is a good compromise between size (almost the same dimensions & weight as the Frost survival knife) and weight. Not as robust as the Gerber due to it being a twist lock design but adequate to short term usage. If it's going to get serious then we are into Granf๓re's ( I think I spelt that right) territory. The lads over at U.S. Rescue have a high opinion of the leatherman. They expect things to survive a years use & abuse. Emphasis on the abuse. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking ( see the links page on the E.T.S. main page, worth a read) unlike wire saws.
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#63860 - 04/19/06 02:14 AM Re: “98.6” Blasphemy
massacre Offline
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That's a nice size. Have you tried prying anything that might bend that 1/8"? Doesn't look to have much leverage, but I could be wrong. Nice price, plus it has other features. I'm also wondering if you've used it as the wrench as it looks like it might round off the corners.
Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.

#63861 - 04/19/06 02:40 AM Re: “98.6” Blasphemy
ironraven Offline
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I've EDCed one for a year now. I've wedged it in between two frozen together items and put the boot to it. It isn't bent yet. :P I would say that it is as strong as a good knife blade, maybe more.

The wrench is a little funny at first, becuase it only grips in one direction. One side is smooth, the other has teeth, which you could (I suppose) catch on the corners of the bolt, or on the flat. If you catch on the corners, you could round the item, but on the flat, no chance.

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