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#62990 - 03/28/06 07:43 PM Beyond "pocket" EDC

For this post I'm inquiring about what people choose for their EDC for simple hikes or short treks..........not your EDC maxpedition repair type kit, beyond the pocket EDC unless thats all you use, and not quite to the level of Romania's awesome SAR kits. ....but more along the lines of Craig's camelback day trip rig. Pics will be a nice addition.......my personal choices and pics will be thrown in if this post takes off well!

#62991 - 03/28/06 07:56 PM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
Malpaso Offline
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This thread might be useful.
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#62992 - 03/28/06 08:22 PM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
Alan_Romania Offline


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Well, I guess I need to get the camera out again, I'll try adn get some pictures up tomarrow <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
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#62993 - 03/29/06 02:22 AM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
Craig_phx Offline
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My rule of thumb is that if it is a popular trail and I will be gone for less than half an hour I just take a water bottle and the PSK items in my pockets. If it is not in a Phoenix park or I will be gone over an half an hour I take my PSK Camelbak.

I have lots of PSK items in my pockets:
ferro rod
Leatherman Charge Ti
SureFire C2
Suunto Comet with glow in the dark compass
Fox 40 Micro
mini Bic
Fisher Space pen
two Coghlan''s Emergency Tinder in an Altoids strips tin
two band-aids
an REI Featherlite mirror cut to fit in wallet
three small sheets of Rite-in-the-Rain paper
list of important names and numbers on one sheet
a disposable glasses cleaner packet
a Fresnel lens

I once had a 36" x 36" sheet of aluminum foil and 10' of braided nylon cord but that seemed like too much. I'm not sure they would be useful on a desert trail.

Do you want an inventory of my Camelbak? <img src="/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />

If I was taking more than my PSK Camelbak, I would be backpacking not hiking. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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#62994 - 03/29/06 03:57 AM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
brian Offline

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Do you want an inventory of my Camelbak?

Yes <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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#62995 - 03/30/06 01:44 PM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
Brangdon Offline

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Nowadays I take a small rucksack with spare clothing, map, a couple of 500ml bottles of water, a PSK that includes a (very) small stove, a mug, a poncho and a GPS. I also have my indoor EDC and a waist-pack with more items (including a compass, large plastic bag, monocular, phone etc).

I've not happy with the rucksack itself. It only has one strap that goes diagonaly, but it has about the right capacity for me (10 or 15L). I've not yet found anything that's small, yet well-supported, yet without unnecessary weight.
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#62996 - 03/30/06 04:41 PM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
Craig_phx Offline
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I'm working on it.
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#62997 - 03/30/06 08:59 PM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
teacher Offline

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An addition: I always carry a fleece jacket. Yes, even in the desert. Light, warm, resists water, cheap and comfy.


#62998 - 04/07/06 04:23 PM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
Craig_phx Offline
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Registered: 04/05/05
Posts: 715
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
In reply to:

Do you want an inventory of my Camelbak?



Only because you asked:

PSK Camelbak

I have a Camelbak Blowfish that is several years old. It has a main compartment, a smaller compartment and a mesh bag on the outside. The smaller compartment has two mesh pockets. I will describe the contents by area:

Left shoulder strap:
Petzal Tikka XP in Petzl pouch
Motorola T6250 2-way radio with weather band

Right shoulder strap:
Pentax DCF MC 8x22 phase coated binoculars

Large area:
1 gallon Zip-loc bag of PSK items:
2 60”x38” clear plastic bags
$.99 poncho
3’ of plastic tubing
2 Bigelow Constant Comment decaffeinated tea bags
Packet of powdered Gatorade
Sheet of 10 Micropur MP1 tablets
1 quart Ziploc bag
1 gallon Ziploc bag, folded
36”x36” HD aluminum foil
2 grocery store plastic produce bags
4 pre-tied mason line neck cords
4 Velcro ties/strips (for transpiration bags)

Coghlan Survival bag:
Modified orange 3mil bag, duct tape & metal washer loops on ends
4 Coghlan thin steel tent stakes, in its original bag, duct taped
15’ of braided nylon cord, pre-tied with a taught line knot
Wilderness Survival pamphlet (how to stay alive in the wilderness)

Stuffed in there:
Gerber Sportsman’s saw
50’ of braided nylon cord wrapped around a plastic holder
AMK 1-2 person heat sheet (space blanket)
3 neckerchiefs
leather work gloves
watch cap

Smaller pockets:

Mesh pocket 1:
Roll of orange Gaffer’s tape (in plastic bag, with Fisher Space Pen and PSP instructions)
Ragnar 2-sided diamond plate (knife sharpener)
Long, clear butane lighter (modified to produce a large flame)
MagFire Pro ferro rod
6 Zeiss lens cloths
County Comm (loner) white LED, coin battery size

Mesh pocket 2:
Brunton base plate compass with yellow cord
2”x3” glass signal mirror in foam case, duct taped with yellow cord

Main area:
On a beaded chain:
Leatherman P4
County Comm Metal Match
Piece of fatwood

toilet paper in plastic bag
6 small pieces of fatwood in small Ziploc bag
15 pieces of Coghlan’s Emergency Tinder in small Ziploc bag
Surefire P60 lamp in small Ziploc bag
4 123 batteries in small Ziploc bag
10 pieces of Coghlan’s Emergency Tinder in small Ziploc bag
Storm whistle, yellow with neck cord
50 yards of waxed unflavored dental floss
Cold Steel True Flight Thrower, modified

In small Ziploc bag:
3 AAA batteries (Petzl)
2 2016 batteries (Photon)
1 AA battery (AA LED)

In small Ziploc bag:
Mini Bic lighter
Orange marking tape
REI Roll of duct tape
P38 can opener

First-Aid kit:
FastAid instructions
2 Purell hand wipes
2 Deep Woods Off! Towelettes
Fresnel lens
AfterBite tube 3.5% ammonia

Small Ziploc bag 1:
Imodium AD

Small Ziploc bag 2:
Photon III covert, white
2 Large eye needles (fits dental floss)
REI Tweezers
County Comm folding razor blade (scalpel)
8 quarters (pay phone)
12 safety pins

Small Ziploc bag 3:
Sore throat lozaengers
Eye drops

Small Ziploc bag 4:
Fever Reader strip
Pro Tick remover
2 WaterJel Burn Jel
Nalgine eye dropper (wound cleaning)

Small Ziploc bag 5:
3 large Band-Aids
2 finger tip Band-Aids
5 wound closure strips
5 Band-Aids
3 triple antibiotic

Large mesh bag on outside:
small Kleenex
Snack bar
Hand lotion
Sun screen
Thermo-regulate, hydrate and communicate.

#62999 - 04/08/06 06:21 PM Re: Beyond "pocket" EDC
Dave568 Offline

Registered: 09/24/05
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Loc: Massachusetts

I seperated the items into two groups. The items on top are carried in my Camelbak that I use for day trips, and the items on the bottom are just my regular EDC items that are always on my person.

Here is the contents of the above picture:

On the bottom:

Surefire L2
Spyderco Delica
Leatherman Charge xTI
Comtech Stinger
Doug Ritter PSK
20' Hank of Paracord

On the top:

100' Hank of Paracord
Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel
REI Stormproof Matches
12 Replacement Surefire CR123 Batteries
Spyderco 4" Ceramic Sharpening Stones
Adventure Medical "Day Tripper" Medical Kit
2 Large, Heavy Duty Plastic Trash Bags
Generic Space Blanket
Becker BK-7 Knife and Sheath
9' Roll of Flat Duct Tape
Digital Camera

I always carry all of this when hiking, and usually have my Camelbak with me 24x7 anyway. I have added a couple items to the first aid kit and the Ritter PSK that are not standard, too, such as Micropur water purification tablets. Not pictured, but always carreid in my Camelbak, is a 32oz Nalgene bottle. I forgot to add that to the picture.

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