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#47217 - 11/28/05 05:36 AM Re: what is your every day carry? part two
Nicodemus Offline

Registered: 10/30/05
Posts: 1341
Loc: Virginia, US
I EDC a Bic along with my Zippo, and both are checked and replaced or refilled respectively, consitently. With that being said, the "Big Gun" firestarters are in my PSK, which is always nearby. Granted, it should be noted that I work at home so my PSK is often no more than an arms length away unless I take it with me and leave it in the car. Heck, for that matter I am rarely without my BOB either though more often than my PSK. LOL
"Learn survival skills when your life doesn't depend on it."

#47218 - 11/28/05 11:11 PM Re: what is your every day carry? part two
Craig_phx Offline
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Registered: 04/05/05
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Loc: Phoenix, AZ
The Buck 110 is good. I gave my 14 year old son one about a year and a half ago. He is Mr. destructo. He takes it camping with the Boy Scouts. It has gotten ugly looking but it is still paper cutting sharp. The blade locks up tight and he has not bent or broken the tip or chipped the edge. A lesser knife would be broken by now.
Thermo-regulate, hydrate and communicate.

#47219 - 11/29/05 12:43 AM Re: what is your every day carry? part two

I agree, my 110 has been a fanastic knife. I dont EDC it because I dont want to provoke anything with our laws here, but I have given mine a hard time, and it has stood up well.
It holds its edge very well.
Mine is the one with Titanium handles, but I dont think they make it with those handles anymore.

#47220 - 12/03/05 12:26 AM Re: what is your every day carry? part two
Brangdon Offline

Registered: 12/12/04
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Loc: Nottingham, UK
Here's what I have on me now, as I sit quietly at home. It's pretty typical:

Left trouser pocket:
* Bi-fold wallet with money, cards, PryBaby, 1l plastic bag, tinder.
* Vic Rambler

Right trouser pocket:
* Handkerchief.
* Orb Raw flashlight.
* Cricket lighter.
* Carabiner with:
** 2m of parachord woven to 10cm.
** Photon Freedom 2x.
** Plastic tube with ferro rod, hacksaw blade, tinder.
** Modified Fox 40 whistle.
** Serbertool M4.
** Safety pins and paper clips.
** Keys for house and car.

Not pictured:
* Money belt with P38, water purification tablets, plastic bags, spare cash.

The PryBaby normally lives in the coin section of the wallet but I got it out to show. I have been trying to mimimise the wallet size. I've now got it down to a fairly thin bi-fold, by removing store cards that I rarely use, and tools such as a fresnel lens which don't pay their way. I'm still looking for a perfect wallet.

The carabiner is the lightest full-strength one I could find. I'd rather a locking carabiner but I've not yet found one light enough. It's nice to have a solid bit of metal, though, and I like to think I could break glass with it if I had to. The parachord acts as a fob. The paper clips are fodder for the M4 microtool - it can cut and bend them. The M4 has locking blades and is a bit smaller than the Leatherman equivalents. In practice I use the Rambler much more often.

The Orb Raw has the two-stage switch. It puts out about 7 lumens on low and 70 lumens on high. It's not really a survival tool - not water proof - but it's currently the torch I use most. The Photon is a backup.

When I go out I usually add a mobile phone, and often a waist-pack with more gear. I don't always have the money-belt or the lighter. If I am wearing a jacket it will have a PSK in a packet.
Quality is addictive.

#47221 - 12/06/05 01:52 PM Re: what is your every day carry? part two

Long time lurker and first time poster here.

My wallet, keys, phone, and Palm aside, I always have my Wenger SAK, an 8 LED flashlight, a Fox 40 Mini whistle, and a lighter. These are in typically in my pockets or in my almost-EDC pack which also contains a bunch of other items. These include meds, spare batteries, spare keys, a cash stash, duct tape, electric tape, and zip ties, among others.

Compared to many others here, I'm still pretty ill-equipped. Right now, I still don't have a first-aid kit I'm satisfied with. I'm slowly building up my kits though.

#47222 - 12/06/05 03:53 PM Re: what is your every day carry? part two
SARbound Offline

Registered: 06/08/05
Posts: 503
Loc: Quebec City, Canada
That's the best way to do it... Take it slow, see what you have, and don't go shopping for anything before carefully studying your travelling patterns, containers you might already have available, etc... For example, i've decided I had three patterns : daily commute (car), other car trips, and wilderness (hiking, snowshoeing, fishing).

I have a small camera-bag first-aid + PSK that travels in my messenger bag daily. I have something slightly bigger that travels in my car, and gets thrown in my backpack when I go in the wilderness... Works for me!

Hav fun doing it all! And don't be to hard on yourself, a cheap dollar-store mirror is still better than no mirror at all, etc...
"The only easy day was yesterday."

#47223 - 12/06/05 11:41 PM Re: what is your every day carry? part two

Slowly building up your kits will allow you to learn about each item as its added so you can get the best item for your dollar to suit you and learn how to use it well before concentrating on the next item.
Compared to some here I think I will always feel ill-equipped <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> but ill equipped is still better than not equipped <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#47224 - 01/09/06 08:20 PM Re: what is your every day carry? part two

#47225 - 01/11/06 01:55 AM Re: what is your every day carry? part two

Hardly the best prepared or equipped, but I do keep some must-haves at all times:


LEFT FRONT POCKET Tube with 10 Glucose Tablets (Low blood sugar is no fun, it's knocked the wind out of my sails at some bad times)
Bottle of contact lens-rewetting solution
Chapstick (in winter)

Mini Bic
Folding locking blade knife, half serrated
Car Keys
Keychain with Leatherman P4, Mini Maglite Solitaire or Photon Micro Light, Metal pill box with spare Lexapro (VERY good precaution for me), generic immodium, Claritin redi-tab (melts in your mouth, no water needed!) Pepto chewable and ibuprofen

Wallet...spare car key, credit/debit card. Currently NO scrap paper in there, I cleaned a TON out of it last week and my butt thanks me! <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> But I couldnt help but think 'what great potential tinder!' And about $40 in cash. Not carrying cash used to be a BIG thing for me, but now I try to keep close to $50 hard currency on hand at all times!

On my belt, my Leatherman Wave. And sometimes my cell phone, but I usually leave it in the car, or my locker, or a jacket pocket. It's always within 100 feet, and my workspace is so tiny and cramped that I've smashed it against a wall countless times when I keep it on my belt....!

EDIT: Left Wrist - a Fossil Blue watch, and sometimes a pink elastic breast cancer bracelet.

Hmmmm...I may do a photoshoot of my stuff too, with my snazzy new digital...! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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#47226 - 01/11/06 06:07 PM Re: what is your every day carry? part two

Here is a list of what I carry divided up by where it is stored.

Strider AR
Strider PT
Surfire G2
Min Maglite AA
Fox pepper spray 2 oz - cone
Gerber Diesel Multiplier
change - about $2
Bic lighter

Small FAK
PSK - Pocket Survival Pak
Bic lighter

Keyring: (In Pants pocket)
Princeton Tec Pulsar II - Red light
SAK Whistle thing
4 ft paracord tan - Lanyard

Bag: (man purse thing made by Everest)
dish rag
Sunglasses -prescription
batteries for flashlights
plastic bags
big black garbage bag
Life savers
Tuna Fish Pouch
CDs - for listening to tunes when I drive.
Cellphone (I move my phone into it holster on the bag's strap)
Princeton Tec Eclipse II - clips on my hat
Bic lighter

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