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Where do you want to go on ETS?

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#4564 - 03/02/02 04:34 AM where to live

I need some help looking for a nice place to live off the land, maybe a island or small wilderness area, so i dont have to pay taxes. Well if you have any ideas for a good place to live tell me.

#4565 - 03/02/02 09:17 AM Re: where to live

Are you dropping out of society by any chance?<br>There aren't many places in the world that are nice where you can live off the land, and at the same time not suffer the wrath of trespass, but if you're prepared to brave a true wilderness where only MEN fear to tread then Alaska is your best bet. If you want that wilderness experience without all the neo-liberal attitudes of what you can and cannot do then the virgin wilderness is your only bet. However, the price you pay is that these places are invariably [censored] harsh. If they weren't they'd be overpopulated and suffering the paranoia of 'this is mine' like everywhere else.

#4566 - 03/02/02 09:27 AM Re: where to live

Let me just add that there are plenty of small islands in the south pacific, belonging to Australia, Britain, New Zealand, but these have their hazards like everywhere else. Besides the coral snakes and the monsoons you'll always find plenty of other dangers unique this this type of environment. Personally, I'd rather brave a northern exposure than suffer the worst of tropical conditions.

#4567 - 03/02/02 03:41 PM Re: where to live

Actually i would like to live on a tropical island some where, but there's only one problem. Where do you get fresh water, you cant drink saltwater. if anyone's got any idea's about pure water, please tell me.<br> thank's,<br> Shawn

#4568 - 03/02/02 04:23 PM Re: where to live

It's now technically possible to start settlements/colonies/whatever in places where they've never been feasible before for lack of fresh water- check out the "watermakers" (reverse-osmosis desalinators) sold to yachtsmen today. Sailboats use them to cut water storage requirements in half (safely) on ocean voyages. Some are amazingly efficient- it should be possible to power one with two or three square yards of solar panels in the tropics. That would provide enough water for drinking- not enough for luxury. The system scales up easily- not cheaply.<br><br>On the other hand, you would be staking your life on very high tech equipment, presumably a long way from anywhere. Sounds like you have a lot more research to do.

#4569 - 03/02/02 07:18 PM Re: where to live

If water is your only concern, and assuming there are no fresh water pools on the island, then you're in luck. Take 3, or 4 if you can afford the weight of what Aussie bushmen call desert survival bags. These bags are in clear polythene, 600 gauge, dimensions 2m x 1m. You can read up on how best to use them, if you're not familiar. A word of caution, don't go using them over poisonous foliage, and take a roll of clear sticky tape in case of punctures.

#4570 - 03/02/02 09:05 PM Re: where to live

yeah basically water is my ownly concern. i have always wondered about fresh water pools of water, are they common on tropical islands.<br> -Shawn

#4571 - 03/03/02 01:00 AM Re: where to live

I suspect there will be water pools, provided the island isn't too small, and the vegetation too sparse, but it would be a good idea to take a few large water bags, to collect the rain. Ortlieb do a good line in these. There are always ways of finding water in arid areas. I even learned a new one the other day. One the kalahari bushmen use. There is another way of getting water, if you're near the shore, and the sand baking hot during the day. Build a solar still in the sand, and saturate the hole with sea water. This is really the only worthwhile application for the solar still. Elsewhere it's pretty useless, but the desert survival bags are your safest bet. You'll need to know your flora, since living exclusively off sea food is bad news. Get to know all the things that are poisonous. If it's poisonous it's probably deadly.

#4572 - 03/03/02 06:58 AM Re: where to live
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Shawn, your idea is not uncommon. People who succeed at this are . Most of the " wilderness areas" allready have indigenous populations who depend on those resources. What you should consider are the many opportunities to work for the many public agencies. These usually offer little more than travel expenses, room and board and a small stipend. What they give is a chance to experience the world without impacting it or yourself negatively.

#4573 - 03/03/02 06:47 PM Re: where to live

Thanks everyone, i know where i'm gonna live. its a small island near alot of other islands. I hope to go there this summer and start building a survival house,( although i'm only 14 its, its sorta like my side of the mountain, except island). where island is on fresh water and there should be plenty of game. So if none of you here from me you know where i am. bye all.<br> Thanks,<br>-Shawn

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