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#38142 - 03/01/05 05:01 AM What's your sharps?
Paul810 Offline

Registered: 03/02/03
Posts: 1428
Loc: NJ, USA
Between Bladeforums questions and a lot of questions here relating to knives I thought it would be a good idea to have a "Post your Sharps" thread where one can get an idea of the knives and tools we carry outdoors and why.

Here is my sharps selection:

1. The main blade is the Benchmade Nimravus Cub carried horizontally on my back or side.
2. The Gerber Backpax handles my chopping, crushing, chipping, hammering.
3. The One handed Trekker (non-serrated) is my backup. It stays in my pack, but makes an excellent outdoor knife as the grip is solid, it locks, it has a long saw, an awl, and a longer philips screwdriver (lacking in the charge).
4. The soldier is my loan out. If someone needs a knife or needs to cut something that is the knife I give them. If they take it or break it i'm out $25.00, which is a lot better then breaking my $65 Charge (which I could never find again for that price) or $120.00 Cub I also keep that in my pocket so if something happens to my pack and belt I still have something.
5. The Charge is my multi-tool and main folding blade. Excellent outdoor multitool.
6. The Swiss Card light I wouldn't want to rely on, but it is nice to know I have a light, knife, magnifying glass (fire), and a pin (improvised basic compass) all in one package, again kept deep in my pocket in case something happens to my pack and belt.

If I need something extra I have a Machete and Sawvivor, but I rarely pack those unless i'm going on extended trips.

#38143 - 03/01/05 07:10 PM Re: What's your sharps?

Registered: 12/09/02
Posts: 204
Loc: Long Island, New York

Big knife - BK-9
Folder - Benchmade RSK
SAK - Super Tinker
Multitool - Leatherman Wave
Minitool - Leatherman P4 Squirt
Shovel - Cold Steel Spetznaz
Saw - Sierra Saw

I've gone to the RSK and Squirt as EDC.

#38144 - 03/01/05 07:41 PM Re: What's your sharps?
Tjin Offline

Registered: 04/08/02
Posts: 1776
1. Fallkniven F1, it's my primairy "survival" knife. It's the knife i carry wenn i really need a knife i can depend on. Got 2 sheaths for it, one is a dangler so i can carry it on my belt with my backpack on.
2. Alan blade packpal, it's my showoff knife. looks cool in front of other bushcrafting people. It also performs very well on most things.
3.Mora's, got 3 diffrent models, one is my most used outdoor knife, it performs very well and is replacible. The other 2 don't see much use, they where a gift and i like to worn out the other mora first.
4. mora crooked knife, nice for carving things wenn i'm bored, waiting for my water to boil or whatever.
5. Victorinox huntsmen, it's my EDC knife, but is also carried in the field for many diffrent tasks.
6. Victorinox Swisstool X, carried to repair things and as a pot holder, but is a bit replaced by my huntsmen.
7.Wenger exsecutive, on my keychain to do my nails...
8.Swisscard, at the moment primairily for the pen, not much other use that i don't already have with me.
9.opinel #8, for carving and other jobs the needs a sharp knife. Also non threathing, so can be carried more often.
10. GB wildlife hatchet, for making small campfire's and speed up carving things...
11. HB acdor hatchet, same use as the GB, but lighter and smaller.
12. bacho laplander saw, to saw everything up to a reasonable branch.
13. unbelievible saw, to saw things my other saw can't manage.

there are proberbly loads of other sharp stuff i own i forgot to mension, but it's these i use the most. i don't carry them all at once. I choice for the best tools for the trip.

#38145 - 03/01/05 08:31 PM Re: What's your sharps?
03lab Offline
dedicated member

Registered: 01/30/04
Posts: 121
Loc: berlin.de
F?llkniven S1, F1 & U2
Helle Eggen
Benchmade RSK Mk1
Leatherman Charge Ti
SOG PowerLock B60
Victorinox Rambler on keychain
Fiskars Sliding Saw & Folding Spade

Two Eriksson Mora 2000 soon (for $20 shipped <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />)

#38146 - 03/01/05 11:14 PM Re: What's your sharps?
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/09/01
Posts: 3824
Fallkniven F1 primary survival kit knife. Ritter RSK everyday carry. Chris Reeve Aviator for flying. Linder sailor's knife with marlinspike for the water . British 1908 cavalry sabre for riding. Moras stashed everywhere.

Edited by Chris Kavanaugh (03/01/05 11:16 PM)

#38147 - 03/01/05 11:46 PM Re: What's your sharps?
KenK Offline
"Be Prepared"

Registered: 06/26/04
Posts: 2122
Loc: NE Wisconsin
Which sheath do you like for your F1?

While my Becker is a nice strong knife, I find it just to beefy (thick) for everyday use. I've been thiking of getting an F1.

I hear that the company has been sold and there is some concern that the knives may change soon.

#38148 - 03/01/05 11:57 PM Re: What's your sharps?
frenchy Offline

Registered: 12/18/02
Posts: 1320
Loc: France
only the ones that go outdoors or all of our sharps ?!??

#38149 - 03/02/05 12:36 AM Re: What's your sharps?
Chris Kavanaugh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 02/09/01
Posts: 3824
Fallkniven is still currently for sale. Peter Hjortberger has suffered two major heart attacks and must retire. If no buyer appears they will simply exaust current stocks at standard prices. So I'm buying my weekly lottery tickets <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> The F1 has a very robust convex/Moran edge. I like it, but you may want to handle one first. I have the Kydex sheath and open dangler in leather.There is a third closed flap leather sheath. All are fine systems. I like the kydex for storing the knife in a kit and humid conditions hostile to leather. The open dangler is a nice update on the scandinavian sheath and my favourite carry for local use.

#38150 - 03/02/05 12:54 AM Re: What's your sharps?
Paul810 Offline

Registered: 03/02/03
Posts: 1428
Loc: NJ, USA
only the ones that go outdoors or all of our sharps ?!??

I guess the ones you use and carry.

#38151 - 03/02/05 04:11 AM Re: What's your sharps?
widget Offline

Registered: 07/06/03
Posts: 550
Way too many to list! These days on outdoor trips I carry my old SAK Farmer model, a Grohmann #3 fixed blade with overlap sheath. For other cutting chores, if necessary, I use a Granfors small forest axe and a Sandvik folding saw, about the same as the Fiskars. I always keep a GI entrenching tool in the SUV, never leaves the vehicle. I also carry a SAK Rambler everywhere, every day, except to the shower:) Great subject, knives, too bad they are becoming so difficult to carry due to security worries! I don't think I went anywhere as a kid without a scout knife, now they throw you out of school if they find one on you! Sad world we live in today! You cannot even travel on an airliner with a P-38! I have carried the same one since 1966 and would rather drive than fly if I have to sacrafice my P-38! Cheers!
No, I am not Bear Grylls, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and Bear was there too!

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