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#35775 - 12/29/04 02:44 PM Re: Any feedback on the Leatherman "Charge Ti"?
ulfhedinn Offline

Registered: 12/29/04
Posts: 44
Loc: Europe
Hello Glock,

I am new to this forum but have been reading it for a couple of years now and like it a lot. I would like to contribute to those subjects I have some knowledge about.
About the Charge Ti.
I own and have used both the Wave and the Ti. The Ti functions more smoothly, tools open and close better. The Ti also looks and feels more robust. The tools on the outside are almost the same as the Wave's. Of course the knife is a lot better. The 154 cm steel comes out of the box razor sharp. (I have resharpend it and this is not to hard to do.) The inside tools all lock and this is certainly an advantage over the Wave.What I don't like are the scissors. They are just to small. A good test for this, is cutting your toenails <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />. The little spring tends to jump over one side of the siccors and blocking it. The pliers are great, very strong and there is a small lever that blocks the outside tools when you use the pliers. The ruler is a bit of a gadget and should indeed be on the outside of the Ti. Then the two bitholders. They work fine but I always worry that under stress, when I have to switch between flat an philips I'm going to lose or forget some bits. But on the other hand the biggest flat screwdriver and the philips are on opposite handles so they can be open at the same time. On the Wave they were on the same handle so you had to close one to use the other. The Ti sheath with the elastic sides isn't something everybody likes. So indeed the choice is hard. When you don't want to much "fiddely bits" go for the old Wave if you still can find it. In an "urban" setting the Ti is almost unbeatable. Deep in the wildernis consider the old Wave and a fixed blade knife.

#35776 - 12/29/04 06:34 PM Re: Any feedback on the Leatherman "Charge Ti"?
Tjin Offline

Registered: 04/08/02
Posts: 1715
doug, any chance that you have reviewed the other new leathermen tools aswell? I'm at the moment searching for lighter tool than my swisstool. Since i lost my only one hand openable folder i own, i need to order a new one, but wenn i order from there i might aswell order a new tools aswell to save some S&H.

I'm looking at the LM Blast, the Ti and XTi looks fine, but i really don't use bits that often and i really don't use knifes on multitools. Carried one always with a multitool ( untill i lost it yesterday... ) So the Blast looks like it going to fit the bill for me, but the LM pulse also looks very nice and are at the moment very reasonable priced.

#35777 - 12/29/04 08:45 PM Re: Any feedback on the Leatherman "Charge Ti"?
Doug_Ritter Offline


Registered: 01/28/01
Posts: 1951
This review will be strictly on the Wave and Charge. OTOH, a few of the components critically reviewed are the same and between that and the initial review from last year's SHOT Show, you should be covered. Bottom line is that I think the Blast and Fuse represent a good value, overall.
Doug Ritter
Equipped To SurviveŽ
Chairman & Executive Director
Equipped To Survive Foundation

#35778 - 12/30/04 01:37 AM Re: Any feedback on the Leatherman "Charge Ti"?
KenK Offline
"Be Prepared"

Registered: 06/26/04
Posts: 2007
Loc: NE Illinois
I have a Charge Ti and like it a lot. As mentioned earlier, it was a lot heavier than I thought it would be, but considering the content, I guess I understand.

I really like how the two main blades open - smooth and easy to find without looking.

Just to make sure it is understood (and this is mentioned in Doug's earlier review of these new multitools), the new 2004 Wave is exactly like the Charge Ti, EXCEPT that it has a staninless steel "handle", and a non-154 CM blade.

It doesn't seem to come with the removable pocket clip & lanyeard ring. For those who like pocket clips, the Charge's clip is pretty cool and truly easy to put on and take off (though secure when on - it uses the same locking device as the tools). I assume though that these removable accesories can be purchased separately and will fit the Wave '04. Can anyone confirm that?

A concern that I've heard voiced by some is the suseptability of the driver bits to rust in moist conditions.

One last thought, when I bought mine, I originally purchased it with the leather sheath ... and didn't really like it. So, I purchased the nylon case and find I like that one a lot better.

#35779 - 12/30/04 03:58 AM Re: Any feedback on the Leatherman "Charge Ti"?
Paul810 Offline

Registered: 03/02/03
Posts: 1428
Loc: NJ, USA
I wrote up a comparison between the charge ti and swiss tool for another forum, so I thought I would share it.

After hearing a lot of opinions on both I decided to sit down with a notebook, a pen, a caliper, both tools, a can, and a wood block. I compared the features of both and ended up with five written pages of observations and comparisons. Here is what I observed: ("L" refers to the Charge, "S" refers to the Swiss tool)

S: Feels slightly heavier
Weight feels very close.

S: Longer (Taller), Wider
L: Thicker

L: More Grip, Feels more positive
S: More flex when squeezed together
L: More flex when side scales squeezed together
L: Wider, Thicker
S: Longer
S: Steel handle scales
L: Titanium handle scales

Opening of handles:
S: Harder to open
S: Difficult to open and close one handed without assist of leg, side, ect.
S: One stop while opening (90*)
L: Can be opened and closed one handed
L: One stop while opening (greater then 90*)
L: Has kind of a V opening channel to keep pivots from becoming loose. (No more butterfly knife tricks)

S: Held into handles by pins (non adjustable)
S: Regular nose style
S: More steel around pivot pin at bottom/top
S: Large teeth grip better
S: Thicker at base
S: Better grip at tip
L: Held into handles by pivot screws (non user adjustable)
L: Needle nose style
L: Bigger Pivot pin
L: More steel around pivot pin on sides
L: Larger wire cutter
L: Spot to cut thicker wire without damage
L: Small teeth grip better
L: Wider at base
L: Opens wider
L: More small teeth in contact with object being gripped

S: Longer
S: Holding pliers head closed keeps it from folding
L: Used to aid in handle grip
L: Designed to not fold when pushed against object being measured
Both accurate

Carry options:
L: Pocket clip* (easily removable), Sheath, in pocket, and Lanyard (both built in hole and removable hole, paracord fits)
S: Sheath, In pocket
Both fit well in jeans watch pocket
*Pocket clip has a side to side movement of about 3 mm

Tool locks:
S: Near impossible to open tools one handed
S: Dead bolt style lock (similar to axis it seems) with back spring like a slipjoint to create a stop/snap open
S: Very difficult to identify tools blind
L: four main tools use liner lock, aux. tools use a lever style lock
L: Difficult to open inner tools one handed
L: Tools can be identified blind
L: Lock spring looks like it will last longer (comparing L: Lever lock to S: sliding lock)
L: Easier to work one handed (comparing L: Lever lock to S: sliding lock)
L: More thumb purchase (comparing L: Lever lock to S: sliding lock)
L: More thumb grip (comparing L: Lever lock to S: sliding lock)
Both locks can be worked one handed (comparing L: Lever lock to S: sliding lock)
L: Definite advantage with the liner lock (on 4 main tools)
L: Tools on average lock up tighter (especially tools using liner lock)

Tool/Implement selection (L):
1. Can opener
2. Wire stripper (triangle style) (on can opener)
3. Large Bit driver (with spring to hold bit in)
4. Large/Medium-Large screwdriver
5. very small screwdrivers in small bit driver (both standard and philips) (held in by compression)
6. Scissors
7. Build in lanyard hole
8. Knife (one handed opening) (clip point)
9. File (crosscut on one side) (diamond dust on other) (hacksaw part)
10. Serrated blade (one handed opening) (no stabbing point, but not completely blunt)
11. Opposing teeth saw (angled teeth)

Tool/Implement selection (S):
1. Regular SAK style blade
2. very large screwdriver
3. Wood Chisel
4. Wire stripper (Triangle and round) (on chisel)
5. Bottle opener
6. Medium screwdriver (on bottle opener)
7. Can opener (with small screwdriver)
8. Opposing teeth saw (straight teeth)
9. Full Serrated SAK style blade
10. awl
11. philips screwdriver
12. file (crosscut style on both sides) (hacksaw teeth)

Tool/Implement observations:
S: Most tools are too polished to get a good grip
S: File hacksaw teeth farther apart
S: File thinner
S: saw cuts equally on push and pull
S: saw thicker
S: no real lanyard hole
S: corkscrew attachment available
S: longer screwdrivers on average
S: 440A steel or its equal used throughout
L: Bits in large driver get an excellent grip (the allen bits are some of the best I ever used)
L: Better can opener, the S's can opener would not work on a few cans
L: Scissors can slip off spring of cutting under certain side pressure
L: File hacksaw teeth closer together
L: File Thicker
L: Less file flex
L: Saw works faster
L: saw cuts more on pull then on push
L: saw thinner
L: tiny screwdriver gets stuck if pushed to hard while using philips side
L: no real awl
L: short screwdrivers
L: 400 series stainless steel, 154cm steel main blade, S2 steel bits
L: bronze bushings on 4 main tools
L: When the pliers are open the main blade and serrated blade are locked closed (nice touch)
Both have optional bit drivers

Final observations/comments/opinions:
For my uses I prefer the Leatherman Charge Ti, and see it as the better tool. I find it easier to carry, the one handed opening blade of 154cm held by a liner lock means I can carry it as my only folding knife and feel comfortable, the ability to open things one handed I find very important, the needle nose is a must, and the lanyard hole is a must. The ability to change to allen bits and torx (which I use often) is a big plus. However, the two big things I like about the Swisstool are the longer screwdrivers and the awl.

For me the swiss tool is too polished, the polished outside is annoying because it shows scratches like crazy and I constantly find myself wiping fingerprints off (Not really important, but it is annoying). The polished screwdrivers slip easily, which is very annoying (and could be dangerous). The lack of a real lanyard hole is very sad too, I find a lanyard to be extremely useful working up high or out in the woods.

One thing people often say about the Swiss tool vs. charge is the selection of tools, while the Swiss tool has more the only tool the Swisstool has that the charge doesn't that I find useful is the awl. The chisel and bottle opener (especially when there is already a can opener) I don't really find that useful for the amount of space they take up. I think the charge makes better use of space. If Victorinox would trade the chisel and bottle opener for scissors it would have probably the best selection of tools out there. As it is now I see it as being better then the Supertool 200, but not as good as the Charge.

Well, those are my observations and opinions. My only qualifications are I am user and collector of multitools (owning roughly 30). Therefore, take what I have written for as much as you think it is worth.

#35780 - 12/30/04 04:05 AM Re: Any feedback on the Leatherman "Charge Ti"?
UncleSteve Offline

Registered: 08/16/03
Posts: 11
Been following the Forum on and off for the past couple of years.

I bought the new SwissTool Spirit. It's worthwhile checking out if you favor SwissTool over Leatherman. One shortcoming of the TiCharge is the length of the Phillips bit: the Wave and SwissTool have dedicated longer Phillips screwdrivers, which are great for opening cabinets with recessed screws. All of the Juice offerings were not useful to me precisely because Phillips was too short. Unfortunately, the TiCharge and New Wave also give up that advantage.

I'll also join in the criticism that the TiCharge has simply become too hefty and cumbersome for a useful multi-tool.

Now, I know Doug will likely criticize the SwissTool Spirit because of its lame cutting tool. But I cannot imagine carrying the multi-tool and not also having a separate folding utility knife.

A happy and healthy New Year to all!

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