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#35074 - 12/08/04 11:13 AM photo of my PSK

Below is the photo, let me know if the quality is too bad for proper viewing. Ive also added the contents lists (was posted a long time ago) The replica is for cosmetic purposes.


15 paper matches
12 weatherproof matches
square candle
8 barbeque pink fire starter papers
flint and steel (sharpened)
big magnetic magnifying glass (compared to the Victorinox magnifying glass I was very impressed with its result)
plastic spoon (makes life a lot easier and makes a good fire starter. Made the end serrated so a flame can easy catch on it)
Food and water
14 puritabs
Fishing kit including 4 weights, 4 medium hooks, 4 small hooks and fishing wire (not knotted)(fishing kit is standard from BCB)
2 condoms 1 is un-lubricated the other is in Chinese so I don’t know if that one is lubricated
Brew kit – 2 ration tea bags
large sheet of aluminium foil (use as container to boil water)

First aid
There are no items in this kit which are directly designed for life preservation.

Inside of lid acts as signal mirror (can’t find a proper signal mirror here, might take it out of my Victorinox survival pouch)
standard BCB whistle (not too happy with it but have no knowledge of what to replace it with)
the aluminium sheet used to reflect the sun (I realise it’s not a lot to go on but in the book “SOS” the guys got saved by their red dry bag)
Silva button compass (luminous)
The magnetic needles and safety pins can also act as a compass

small lock knife
BCB instructions (want to replace it with the “morale” paper I saw here on the forum so IF YOU WROTE THAT PAPER OR KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND IT COULD YOU PM IT TO ME?)
BCB accident evacuation report (should I keep this? Seems pretty crap to me)
wire saw (key rings taken off, not greased)
1 large, 4 medium and 2 small safety pins (all magnetic)
sewing kit with several threads, 2 buttons, 1 large sized needle, 1 medium sized needle (magnetic, north side coloured red)
cotton wool
5.25m of Para cord wrapped around the tin.
Waterproof tape also wrapped around the tin to ensure dryness

Any tips are welcome.

#35075 - 12/08/04 12:35 PM Re: photo of my PSK

The good old BCB survival kit, same as what started off my PSK. Your kit is very similar to mine so I'll let you see what I've got in mine in case it gives you any ideas:

Flint and Striker
10 B.C.B. Waterproof Matches and Striker
3 Cotton Balls (Tinder)
8 Plasters
2 Non Adhesive Dressings
1 Mini Bandage
1 Cyberlight LED light
1 Snare Wire
1 Wire Saw
50 Iodine Tablets in vial
1 Fox 40 Whistle
1 Fishing Kit (Standard BCB)
1 Sowing Kit (Standard BCB)
1 Button Compass
1 Sheet Alluminium Foil
1 Signal Mirror
2 Antiseptic Wipes
5 Safety Pins
1 Condom
All in BCB Tin with Paracord wrapped arround it

Am afraid I don't have a picture as my digital camera isn't yet hooked up.

The only things I would say that spring to mind are,

1) An LED light or some other form of illumination is very very useful
2) A sugestion for a better whistle is the Fox 40, or Life Adventure produce a mountain survival whistle which is pretty good.
3) Chlorine based purification (which puritabs are) isn't as good as Iodine based ones, but puritabs take up such a small spacethey are still pretty good for a PSK.
4) A spark-lite is apparently a beter firestarter than the flint and steel (which looks the same as the one 've got in mine) but I've not seen them for sale over here in th UK

Can't think of anything else immediately. Out of curiosity do you carry this all the time? For me the tin is a bit bulky for EDC so I normally only pack it if I'm doing something specific. For EDC I have:

In my Wallet (along with money and cards):
In a little nylon puch (credit card sized in one of the slots):
10 B.C.B. Waterproof Matches and Striker
8 Water Purification Tablets (Aquaclear Purifying Tablets)
1 Wire Saw
1 Length Snare Wire
1 Button Compass
1 Needle
2 Small Fishing Hooks
2 Medium Fishing Hooks
1 Length 22lb Fishing Wire

Elsewhere in the wallet I have
5 Plasters (Different Sizes)
2 Antiseptic Wipes
1 Sterile Non Adhesive Dressing
1 Swiss Army Card with
Magnifying Glass
LED Light
Screw Drivers
Letter Opener

On my Key Chain:

1 Cyberlight LED Light
1 LifeAdventure Mountain Survival Whistle

And on belt a Leatherman Wave

And that goes with me everywhere along with my mobile phone and palm top computer.

Don't have the space in pockets for a big bulky tin.

#35076 - 12/08/04 12:38 PM Re: photo of my PSK
Tjin Offline

Registered: 04/08/02
Posts: 1774
maybe you could replace the paper macthe with some other kind of matches ? the onyl advantage i know of paper matches are there small size and you can split them in too, so you can light 2 fire's with one match.

no artificial lights. Which might not be needed if you already carry loads of them, like some of use do...

whats in that long squary container with the blue cap on it ? I reconize the container ( refill container for 0.5mm pensil thingies sold by the HEMA ) but i couldn't think of a use for them.

it's hard to say what you can improve on it. i tryed to make the ultimate PSK, but it onl ended up being a seriously heavy thing, which i have stopped carring. Since i already got most things as a EDC i figured i don't need that much redundancy, it's heavy !

this what i used to have in my PSK (now stripped):

- 1x Small backlock folder, 50/50 serrated/plain edge ( China )
- 2x Single edge shaving blades ( USA )
- 1x Scalpel # 27
- 1x P-38
- 1x Hacksaw Blade with "sharpened" end
- 1x B.C.B. Commando Wire Saw ( w/out finger rings )
- 1x 4 season Spark-Lite ( blaze orange )
- 5x B.C.B. lifeboatmatches + striker
-12x Coughlan's "waterproof" matches
- 2x Birthday Candle's
- 8x 4 season Fire-Tabs
- -- Tinder, Petrolium jelly infused Cottonwol ( NOT wrapped in to something )
- 1x B.C.B. Wet Button Compass ( 20 mm )
- 1x Brass Snare Wire ( 6 meter / 20 feet )
- 1x Fishing wire +/- 10meter ( 8,5 KG )
- 1x Fishing wire +/- 20meter ( 8,5 KG )
-10x Fishing Hooks, small
- 2x Fishing Hooks, large/medium
- 4x Fishing Weights, large
- 5x Fishing Split shots, medium
-12x Leaders w/ large swivel
- 1x Gaff ( XX-large hook )
- 1x Red Ledlight ( shortened Coast Cutlerly ledlight )
- 2x mini lightsticks*

-10x Aquaclear tablets ( Chlorine Based )*
- 2x Ziplock bags ( 1 L )

- 4x Plasters/Adhesive Bandages ( sterile ) asst. sizes*
- 1x pack of 3M medi-strips, 3 strips total ( sterile )*
- 1x Antiseptic swab**

- 1x sewing awl
- 2x sewing needle's
- -- coton wire wrapped around needle's and sewing awl
- 1x Bobin of floss-wire ( +/- 45 meter )
- 1x Rubber band around tin
- 2x "Ranger bands" around tin
-10x Twist Ties, short, plastic covered
- 2x Twist Ties, long, plastic covered
- 4x Safety pins, small
- 4x Paperclips
- 1x Golf pencil
- 1x 2mm x 17 cm latex tubing ( water sweeps )
- 1x Platypatch ( to repair water bladders )
- 2x Alminium foil sheets (+/- 30x40 cm )
- 1x Alminium foil sheet (+/- 30x70 cm )
- 2x Ducttape ( 3.7x30 cm ) on peel-off backing ( note paper )
- 1x Gaffer's tape ( +/- 76x1.8 cm wrapped around tin )
- 2x Gaffer's tape ( +/- 30x3.8 cm wrapped around tin )
- 1x B.C.B. Waterproof Survival Instruction Sheet
- 1x Metal Handle for tin bottom
- 1x Storage Tin, tabaco type ( 11x3x8 cm )

#35077 - 12/08/04 02:50 PM Re: photo of my PSK
brian Offline

Registered: 07/28/04
Posts: 1468
Loc: Texas
Okay I'll play.... My current setup is all modular. EDC is, well what I carry day in an day out. A regular componant of the EDC is the CRK Shadow3 and its handle contents which I affectionately refer to as the KSK (knife survival kit). Then I have two levels of PSK which for me is as big as a kit gets. It is used more like a mini BOB. I can and have gone camping with only it's contents on more than one occasion and been quite comfortable. The two levels of the PSK are the primary PSK with is kept in the small tin then the tin will often go in the M2 pack with a few extra items, mostly shelter and FAK items.

EDC and ESKs


Cards Chk/DL
Keys Home/Work/Car
Cell Phone GSM/Analog
Peak LED N-Cell Flashlight
Essential Gear Stormproof Lighter
CRK Large Classic Sebenza or CRK Shadow III (w/ KSK)


Inside Handle...
2" x 1' Duct Tape
1 SAS Compass
1 Ferrocerium Rod
1 Condom
2 Katadyn MP-1 Tabs
4 Sparklite Tinders
4"sq of HD aluminum foil
6' of 100# Fireline
1' x 0.5" Blue Electrical Tape


Stormproof Lighter Tin
DMT Fine Diamond Stone
ACR Whistle
ETS Mirror
Duct tape
Fresnel lense
2 razor blades
Ferro rod
Space pen
20mm compass
10mm compass
2 condom
Inova coin cell LED
7 MP-1 Tabs
12 Spark Light Tinders
5 Small hooks
2 Med Fishing Hooks
1 Large Fishing/Gaff Hook
1 Small Split Shot
6 Butterfly Sutures
4 Alcohol Pads
21' 100# Fireline
3 Gerber Bags

Maxped M-2 SK:

PSK (above tin and contents)
Storm Shelter Instant Pocket Tent
Large/Med Garbage Bag
12' 500# 7 strand Black Paracord
8' Orange 300# Nylon Cord
3 4x4 Gauze Pads
Red Mini Bic Lighter
4 Triple Antibotic Applications
* Left Room for Cell Phone *
Learn to improvise everything.

#35078 - 12/08/04 05:40 PM Re: photo of my PSK
X-ray Dave Offline

Registered: 11/11/03
Posts: 572
Loc: Nevada
Is that a SASS or Arktis Smock ?

#35079 - 12/08/04 05:47 PM Re: photo of my PSK

The BCB kit is lacking in quality and gear.

Buy Doug's kit and add it to what you have already and replace the poor quality items like the crappy knife with decent gear and add a photon light and you should be set with a decent kit.


#35080 - 12/08/04 06:16 PM Re: photo of my PSK

If he's ordering it from the UK it may be more difficult. I've not seen anywhere over here that sells it (I don't think you can get the spark-lite over here either, I've looked). I'd like one of his packs but I've not seen one avalable here, and you can only order it online from the states (that I've found) and that costs a bit in postage. If someone knows a place that has reasonable postage to the UK let me know.

The main things you do get in Dougs kit that you don't have in your kit are:
The Spark-Lite (whcih I have yet to see in the UK)
The Mini-Fox 40 whistle. I have a standard Fox 40 which has been trimmed down a bit. It is worth it the Fox 40 is a damm good whistle (its also the one all FA refs use) and the mini one looks ideal for a survival kit.
Also the signal mirror is a good one.

The rest of it you already have equivalents to, or are easilly obtainable, but the above items are certainly of the best quality and not commonly avalable seperately (at least in the UK).

#35081 - 12/08/04 08:14 PM Re: photo of my PSK

The rest of the kit is of a great convenience as well. Write in Rain paper, nylon cord, nylon line and fresnel lense all which he does not have conveniently packaged and wrapped.

The whistle I found bulky and didn't work that well and about the same space volume of a cut down fox 40 anyway.

It was worth the purchase for the mirror alone as no other designated signal mirror of the same weight fits in an altoids tin.


#35082 - 12/08/04 08:18 PM Re: photo of my PSK


The extra items carried:
Wire wool (electric spark tinder)
Two tea bags
Magnesium permanganate crystals (that?s in the Hema container, didn?t even realise it was still from there <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> well recognised PC2K)
Loads of puritabs from ratpacks

Thanks for your advice. I included the paper matches as they are lightweight and extremely compact. The problem with the NATO windproof ones is that the chemical sometimes separates from the match stick. Also are pains to get lit.

Thanks for your advice. My Maglight Solitair is on the keychain. Ill post a photo of my EDC if you want. Like you, I too find my PSK too bulky to carry as EDC. Searching every outdoor shop for the Fox40 but to no avail. Neither seen it in catalogues. It?s just the same old general gear for Tom Dick and Harry.
Adding the whistle to the tin allows me to attach the old one to my key chain.
I?ve kept my medical gear separate from the tin as I also carry a pocket FAK as part of my EDC. On my fixed blade I carry the Swedish Fire steel. But to be honest have no problems lighting fires using the standard issue flint and steel. Got rid of the chain though ? useless. Must obtain a signal mirror but planning it to add it to my wallet.

Thank you for you humble words <img src="/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />. The knife once sharpened is adequate as backup. Artificial light is on my keychain. Am planning to buy the kit from Doug for family as B?day presents once it is available on the European market.


#35083 - 12/08/04 08:58 PM Re: photo of my PSK
Tjin Offline

Registered: 04/08/02
Posts: 1774
What are magnesium permanganate crystals ? Are you refering to potassium permangate/cindy's crystals ? I never knew that that little container could take the oxidizing effect from kmno4, but on the other hand i never heard of any special containers needed for kmno4...

í actually find i weird to hear that fox 40's are hard to find. you can find them very easily here. Although i don't have one.

i agree on the uselessnes of the chain on the issue flint rod, it actually gets in the way. I have no problems using that flint rod wenn used with the hacksawblade. It's the type of rod i first learned to used ferrosium rods with. useing a p-38 as a striker still posses a problem...

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