I can see your point but it seems more logical to carry stuff that you have been using more often. A knife seems more suitable for most jobs in my case.

In addition, my mini bars are not (almost-straight) type, rather they are L shaped. So they are not easy to carry in the pocket. They also may tear the pocket unless put in a suitable sheath. A folding knife is smaller and will not tear anything when folded.

The mini bars sit there in the toolbox, but I've never seen a situation where they are 'the best tool' for the job. And while we are at it, here is my favourite list of tools in order of usage frequency

- Folding Knife
- Double headed screwdriver (slotted + phillips)
- Long nose pliers (multitool)
- 'short nose' pliers, or slip joint pliers

Slotted screwdriver is not needed frequently for screws, but is useful for other jobs as well. It is used sometimes for prying or scraping (almost as you would use a mini bar)