This subject can be simple or complicated! If you want simple, you can store dry beans and dry rice. Brown rice is much more nutrient dense but it also spoils faster. Beans are one of the very few non-animal products that contains complete proteins (ie you could live long term on them). If you store brown rice, just rotate it and use it. Storing oils (something with a good shelf life) is also a good idea, preferably something not hydrogenized nor soy or corn oils.

The more complicated is that survival and enjoyment are not the same. You may well be pretty miserable at the end of the first week just eating beans and rice! I don't know dogs do it, happily eating the same dry food day in and day out. wink

Probably the better way is to store some staples (eg beans, rice, flour, sugar, and especially salt) alongside some canned or convenience items. Of course, this is assuming ahead of time that you've considered how you were going to cook your food! If you don't have a way to cook food then canned, freeze dried and MRE foods might be the best options. You're not going to eat rice and beans if you can't cook them while canned ravioli can be eaten cold in a pinch.
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