I would like to bring two rules to everyone’s attention (emphasis added):

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This is a "family" forum and flames, name calling, personal attacks and obscene or otherwise undesirable language are inappropriate, no matter how strongly you feel, and messages containing them will be removed and posters banned.

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Politics, religion and philosophy can be stimulating to discuss and debate, but this is not the place to do it. Discussion of "Climate Change" inevitably descends into ugly divisiveness that is essentially political, so that subject is also not allowed. Please stick to the topics of survival equipment and techniques. This is not a survivalist web site and such discussions are not appropriate. This policy has developed from many years of keeping the peace in cyberspace. It's one reason we remain a family friendly environment and avoid many of the redundant and recurring flame threads found elsewhere There are myriad places online to debate politically and emotionally charged subject matter. ETS is not the place.

Moving forward, I will be enforcing these rules more rigorously. While I prefer to moderate in moderation, a harder line on enforcing these rules is called for.

I will not discuss this in public. If you have questions or concerns, please PM me.